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    first post, i had a look for such a topic but coulnt find one so thought id sign up and create one. I have begun making backups of my movies using anydvd hd. First up was Black Hawk Down Blue-Ray, once id ripped and merged the two mpeg files together i was left with a 35gb file. BHD is a pretty god movie but doent quite warrant 35gb of my hdd space.

    Is there a way to shrink it down without too much loss of picture qaulity?
    The reason i ask this question is that a recently viewed a downloaded copy of transformers 720p at a mates and it was only around 6gb in its .mkv format. The picture quality i have to say was better than my 35gb movie, so obviously whoever put the movie up on the net managed to convert/shrink it to a much smaller file with mimimal qaulity loss.

    Does anyone know how this is done? Would appreciate any comments/thougts.
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    The FAQs at the top of this forum cover the current best practices for shrinking and other processing of BDs and HD-DVDs.
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    yes there is a way. search doom9 and a few others on how to do what you want. the process is a pain and it takes time. as for the quality, both those movies transfers were good although any movie that is mostly CGI will look better than one without.
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    would someone be able to provide the link to these sources please, ive looked but am struggling to find them. thanks.