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    What is dvd Shrink? Sorry I'm new!
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    DVDShrink 3.2 is an older program designed to copy DVD's (main movie or whole disk or selected portions). It does not burn to DVD directly, it needs a 3rd party burning program to burn a DVD. It saves it's copy in DVD form or .ISO form to your hard disk. It stopped being devoloped in mid 2004 and the maker went on to work for Nero (Nero recode). Because it's always been "freeware" it remains a popular tool. It's also known to have a really good transcoder (Shrinker) if you check both boxes to have it Shrink "the long way". You can learn more here:

    Ignore the "adds by google" scams at the top of the page, there is no DVDShrink 2007 etc.

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    dvd Shrink

    In my opinion, dvd Shrink is equl to dvd copy, which can burn dvd movies to discs.