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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by ogmorelia, Dec 5, 2022.

  1. ogmorelia

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    Hi all!

    Trying to sign up for Showtime, but before I do would like to make sure I do it correctly.

    -Prime has a 7-day trial and 10.99/m after that.
    -ST website shows a 3.99/m for 6 months and 30 days free.

    The question is, do I create an account on the ST website and then link it through AP or just sign up through the AP website? I've never purchased and additional add-ons/services through prime hence the newbie question.

  2. DeepSpace

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    Not sure how Showtime works, but since you mentioned to link it with Amz, I think it would work pretty much the same or similar like P+ does. I still have to wait three days to try it myself, but here is the post:
    So you pretty much you just open the link, if there is a similar site as there is for P+. You don't have to create an account, it is just something you can do if you want to have two passwords for whatever reason, as stated it 4.
  3. ogmorelia

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    Perfect. Thank you!
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  4. RedFox 1

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    Paramount+_ has a Showtime addon for 3.00 a month more
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  5. Heracles

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    (Like Redfox 1 suggested...)

    Currently using Showtime addon on Paramount with ads for total of $7.99 - works great!

    I also used Showtime as an addon on Amazon in the past and that worked fine.

    Signing up for Showtime at it's website would not work on AnyStream.

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  6. ogmorelia

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    Oh, very nice! I will look into it. Thanks!
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  7. ogmorelia

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    That is a pretty nice deal. And was that directly from Paramount and download through paramount tab in AS and not via prime tab correct?
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  8. Heracles

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    You have to subscribe directly thru Paramount+ at
    to get the Showtime addon w/commercials packages.

    And then you use the Paramount tab/downloader in AnyStream for Paramount and Showtime content.

    I *used* to do Paramount as an Amazon addon and accessed thru but I cancelled it once Paramount offered the +Showtime addon *only* thru their site.

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  9. ogmorelia

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    Thank you for the follow-up. That makes sense. One last thing, are you happy with the quality you get downloading from paramount as opposed to doing it through prime?
  10. DeepSpace

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    I heard that there are differences, I think the audio was lower for P+. But in the end it's preference, if you don't care than go ahead.
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    If you are going to put links in the thread, please use code tags
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    Hi RedFox 1,

    I'm not familiar with doing code tags.

    I looked under topics at top of AnyStream forum and didn't find how to post code tags - but may have overlooked it.

    Should it be added to the "Posting Guidelines" in AnyStream forum?

    I did find some comments under "General Forum Rules" for all forums about links, but they bring up questions based on what it says about posting some links at all.. o_O

    I *think* I'd use the little wrench symbol at the top right when posting, but I seem to put the entire post, not just the link in "yellowish mode" when I do that and it looks like you can post normally & then just put the URL/link in "code tag".

    1. What are the steps to do the body of my post normally & only the URL in "Code Tag"?
    2. Is Paramount Plus URL considered a "referral link" per General Rules? if so...

    Should the Forum General rules be modified to say use "Code Tag" instead of not allowed and tell how to do it?
    • You cannot post any affiliate or referral links, or post anything asking for a referral. Such posts will be subject to removal.

    Also, about referral links, just to be clear.

    Would a link to useful software, say Topaz AI be considered a "referral link" and can it be posted using "Code Tags".

    Thanks for the clarifications/instructions/consideration.

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    Don't worry about it I fixed it.

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  14. RedFox 1

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    I got a nice surprise this morning, my son asked me to get the Christmas Story for his son (my grandson) when they come over so, I went to HBOMax, and its in 4K, and 1080p, what a nice present.;)

    Christmas Story 4K.jpg
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