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Show us your Desktop


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Jan 28, 2007
Click on pic below:

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from a football game i was at on saturday, yes, thats hail stones & i was wet & cold, good game though :D

I love your desktop zabadee, but why ruin it with the Icons showing? I always keep my desktop clean, add it to the taskbar to get to anything I need from it.
Hi :)
I usually have just recycle bin on desktop. As shown here with a Vista twist.;)

I use Fastone Screen Capture. It will do the whole desktop or any portion of your screen. Then you can use Picture Pile...Image Shack.....Free Image Hosting or any file host of choice.
Thanks for the post on how to do it ill have to give it a try.
Hi :)
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So your link bjproc should bring you back to here. :p
here's mine.i have windows wallpaper changer on mine so i get a different background every 15 mins.
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