Should I use DL disks for all movies?

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  1. steviegt

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    Should I use DL disks for all movies or can I use DVD +R for movies less than 2 hours? If I can use DVD +R disc's, which are the best top 3? Thank you.
  2. oldjoe

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    You can use S/L for most all movies.
    If you want to spend the extra money ...use D/L.
    If not then S/L are fine.
    Verbatim and Ty S/L are very high quality and are easily obtainable at about $.40 per disc. For D/L.....Verbatim at about $2 per disc.
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    Hello. Ok Mr. OldJoe are you saying I don't have to use a d/L disc. I am understanding your answer to steviegt as no.. even if its over 2hrs.. I just burnt up one burner dvd drive and really dont want to burn this new one up so soon.. I am using verbatim disc now.. When I called best buy they lied to me and said they didnt have any.. well when I went to buy my new burner they had alot ... really upset me ..
    Also I am sorry to upset forum a few days ago.. I am 52 yrs old and I just didnt understand what they wanted me to do and after reading post after post and doiing some of the things they have asked ppl to do i have learned a few things but still not all they were asking me to give them.. I am almost completely ignorant of computers .. I know things happen bugs and things I was just so worried I had done some really bad things to my puter for anydvd and clone to not work.. I have used this great product for 4yrs or so.. my friend had it and then I got my own..
    I just want to say I am really truly sorry webslinger got really upset with me. and gave me a warning... This is my 2nd time to put a post in a forum and I hope i dont get in trouble again for putting this here.. I just am so sorrry for all the wrong I have done. And Thanks for your time Mr. oldjoe if u could help me with the disc thing. I sorry for having to be treated like I am in preschool but like I said i love my puter and dont want to mess it up .. so I dont touch nothing but start and my fans and shut it down.. Again I am so sorry to all on this forum..
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    You never have to use Verbatim +R DL (made in Singapore) if you don't want to, but those are the only DL anyone should really be using at the moment. The only problem is that when a movie is large and you compress it to a single layer disc, you may notice the quality of your backup isn't very good (especially on large televisions).

    For the record, I didn't issue a warning for where you posted, but rather what you posted. I went to the trouble of trying to help you, and you turn around and insult my efforts? I don't appreciate that at all. I spend a lot of time and energy trying to help people here--and I don't get paid for it (I don't work for Slysoft). And I wasn't the only moderator that felt that way. That said, apology accepted.

    If you don't understand something, you need to explain exactly what you don't understand so that I and others can help you further. I think you'll notice I am quite willing to help people with Anydvd/Clonedvd issues.

    I, unlike others, do not have an excellent "bedside manner" (so I apologize if I seem gruff; I'm really not in person).
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    accepted sir... and one more thing if i use a D/L disc is there anything special I need to do to get it started to burn..??? or just like I usually do when backing up my S/L dvd disc's???
    All of the people who help in this forum is diomite... And are commended for your putting time and effort to help people in the forum..
    LOL LOL as for "bedside manner" well I get at the side of my bed and pray for ppl and health and good for man and for my computer to run for me to its max.. lol sorry to make light of this but I am really serious.. ON this mountain I dont get off and no close neighbors so this is my hook to the world.. redryder is my bestest friend where I live.. thanks for your help and so glad no hard feelings .. I will try to ask for more help if I need it at anytime.. to get to the bones of each key.. u might be sorry for offering that sweetie.. my son built this big boy and he is in Indiana and it frustrates him he cant be here in alabama to help me with it.. I cried when I told him I went on forum and really messed up.. OK thanks again .. Take care Great Job Keep up the hard work but just if its Fun..
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    This is up to personal preference, but I find with many of my movies I don't have to transcode to fit them on a SL disc - sometimes ripping the movie only fits onto a SL back-up, sometimes ripping the movie only and deleting additional audio streams works too. I only consider DL if I can't fit the movie onto SL without transcoding.

    Best 3 would be:

    Taiyo Yuden Preimum
    Verbatim <-- this is what I use for DVD+R DL
    Taiyo Yuden OEM <-- this is what I use for DVD-R
  7. Webslinger

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    In all honesty, with +R DL blank media I prefer using this method: click

    Clonecd is an excellent method for lazy people like me (very simple as well). Sometimes, I'll also use Imgburn, but that process may be a little too involved for you at the this time. Try Clonecd with Verbatim +R DL (made in Singapore).

    Again, if you don't understand any of the steps, let us know exactly what you're having problems understanding. Thanks
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    Then I'm very sorry. I honestly don't intend to make anyone cry. That's the last thing I would ever want to make someone do. Very sorry
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    Don't let the nice demeaner fool you... clubbing baby seals is a national passtime where he comes from. Clubbing noobs on the board is good off-season practice. :D :D :D

    Ask him nice and you can get one of these! (see attached image)

    -W (sorry dood - I was inspired by the Dark Side)

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    Now that I've had my fun with Mr. Slinger... here's my serious reply. This is a topic whre you'll get a lot of opinions. It's my opinion that you can get a "normal" movie on a Single Layer disc with minimal compression losses, providing you just take the main movie only. If you want to copy the whole DVD, trailers, menus, bonus junk, and all - then you really need a Duel Layer disk to get a good clean backup.

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    No Halloween candy for jooo! :p