Should bluray ISO's from different drives be identical?

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    Before I post the log files, I have a question.

    I recently got in the habit of ripping blurays I purchased (for backup reasons) to the hard drive. I would then verify with a different drive (same anydvdHD settings) using imgburn verify iso image and I thought it always verified successfully. I recently attempted 'Rain Man' and although they rip fine in either drive (and mount fine with vcd clonedrive and play fine), they don't compare as identical to each other.

    I tried with success other blurays and same drives, and they do compare successfully.

    So with clean readable protected bluray disc and anydvdhd ripping to disc, should generated ISO's from different drives of same bluray disc be identical?

    P.S. Be gentle, I'm admittedly a newbie.
  2. ErichV

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    The checksum may vary due to the decryption process of AnyDVD.
    Don't worry, your backups are fine. :)
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    So the decryption process of AnyDVDHD is dependant on the bluray computer drive manufacturer?

    If one wants to be 100% sure a computer bluray drive is reading correctly (and not dying a very slow death with errors), how does one test that second drive if miscompares with imgburn are fine? I know you can rip to ISO with anydvdHD, can you compare a disc and an ISO with anydvdHD for miscompares?

    Sorry to be knit-picky, but what checksum are you referring to? I'm just trying to understand why sometimes they compare fine and sometimes they don't compare.
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    I don't know if this helps, but I have noticed that the imageburn log compains only about files \BDMV\JAR\#####.jar's (with total 89 miscompares in those jar files), with everything else comparing fine (no miscompares in any other files)

    Using a third bluray computer drive, the miscompares occurred in the same places and quantity, but with different values.

    In other words, ripped with anydvdHD same settings:
    ISO(drive1) does not equal ISO(drive2) does not equal ISO(drive3) when comparing contained jar files
  5. Sabertooth

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    Just my 2ยข, but this behavior has occurred for as long as I can remember, long before I usually generate a par set and have the same issue with miscompares with these particular file types. As a JAR is basically a .ZIP file. I can't see why there would be differences either. While experience says the differences can be ignored, I'd be curious as to why they occur myself.
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    OK, more to my question.

    I defaulted the settings on AnyDVDHD and ripped 'Rain Man' via right click on anydvdhd fox icon. With Imageburn, I then compared the first 1GB (problems with jar's around 300MB into disc verify) of the ISO just generated with anydvdhd rip to the disc in same drive and no miscompares. I stopped the compare knowing rest of ISO/Disc would compare successfully. Opened the bluray disc drive, counted 30 seconds, closed the bluray disc drive, and attempted verify I just did successfully up to 1GB. This time I got the miscompares with same disc on same drive with same settings as just used in successful compare process. As a reminder, 89 miscompares all in jar files again reported by imageburn (always same files, location in ISO, and quantity).

    Could the miscompares be because opening and closing the bluray computer drives forced an anydvdHD rescan versus the different drives being reason?

    Time for me to go to bed.

    I love learning and any help would be appreciated.

    I don't know if it will help, but I will attempt to attach ziplogs. 'F_Rain Man_1st'.ziplog is a first attempt after defaulting anydvdhd. 'F_ Rain Man_2nd'.ziplog is from second attempt after opening and closing of same drive. 'L' and 'N'.ziplogs are also default anydvdhd, just after '1st'

    BTW, Thanks Sabertooth for your input. I too would ignore issue as CloneBD or VirtualVCD or POWERDVD can't tell any differences, I just have way too much time on my hands and feel like a curious cat.

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  7. ErichV

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    No, each decryption process is unique and independent from the blu-ray computer drive manufacturer. Some files of the disc are always modified in a different way during the decryption process, however, the real content of the blu-ray, the movie itself, is untouched. All audio-, video- and subtitle-streams remain unaffected by AnyDVD.

    Rip the movie to harddrive with different blu-ray drives and use a checksum tool to compare your *.iso files (just google it, here is such a tool for example). According to MD5/SHA hashes you will find out, that no backup of your disc is identical to the other one. If you want to check the files of your *.iso image for differences, you will need to mount your backup with VCD and use the aforementioned checksum tool for the particular files individually. Furthermore, you can use a tool like WinMerge to make a file by file comparison to examine the differences within a file.