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Shooter-Getting Directors comments audio


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Jul 5, 2007
Problem with "Shooter"

I want English language, no subtitles.

When copy plays, the Directors comments are always the audio.

How do I get English audio??

Do I have to change settings in CloneDVD setup before I burn or is it some setup on my DVD player or what.

I had a similar problem with "The Last King of Scotland"

Thanks for any help.

from Frequently Asked Questions (READ BEFORE YOU POST):

7. Why am I only getting Director's comments or having other audio related issues with my backup?

when your backing up the movie UNCHECK the 2 channel audio. check the 5.1 or 6 channel audio instead. the 2 channel audio is where the directors comments are and sometimes the backups will default to that

Whisperer said:
Many people want the Director's Commentary on their backups but they just don't want that to be the default that the player chooses. I know that aabbccdd is offering sincere help but blanket advice to deselect 2 channel audio may not be right for all others.

Many DVD originals contain two choices that are both main movie soundtracks (depending on the sophistication of the owners home entertainment rig). A choice of both a 6 channel and a 2 channel main movie audio tracks. Or only a 2 channel main movie audio track along with other 2 channel tracks. So if one must choose, things can get a bit confusing when there are several 2 channel tracks.

One sure way to make the correct choice (or elimination) is to play the movie on your computer using "PowerDVD" player. When the Audio Track Selection menu is open, play and listen to the 2 channel tracks to see which is which. By this method, you can now determine what to select and what to deselect in CloneDVD because the order that the tracks appear in the PowerDVD audio selection menu will be the exact same order that the tracks appear on the CloneDVD track selection page.

If the main movie audio track was never selected in CloneDVD, then it is not on the backup and will not play in a player. If the main movie audio track is on the backup, but the player is not defaulting to it then simply cycle though the tracks by repeatedly pressing the audio button on your remote control till you get the track you want to listen to. Or go to the DVD's main menu and choose the track you want.

If all audio tracks are on the backup, then the main reason a player will default to the commentary track (or any unwanted language or unwanted subtitle track) is because the backup was not made with "Preserve Menus" enabled in CloneDVD. Many DVD originals are mastered using a Video Manager that matrixes the audio and subtitle tracks through the Menu Structure. If you eliminate the Menu, the player receives no "default" information and has to guess what track to play. And, likewise your Audio Button on your Remote may not allow you to switch playback to tracks that actually are on your backup because it needs to interface with the Menu Structure that has not been included on your backup (only with certain originals; others may work fine).

Lastly, some people copy the main movie only without a menu in order to save data space for compression. The menu doesn't take up much data space and is needed in some cases.

Please allow me to wax philosophically and a little off topic. My personal choice is to never compress and to backup everything on the original. With quality (Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden) single layer media prices (.60 cents US) being so cheap (in the US anyway) I would rather split a DL original over two SL media and not suffer quality loss or silly problems like selecting audio tracks. Even DL Verbatims are priced at $1.85 US now. And with prices now low on good displays that take advantage of progressive scan player output, why throw away quality to save a few bloody cents on media? And have a backup collection that looks like crap when you upgrade to a good home entertainment rig?

I think (except in parts of the world were media prices are expensive due to distribution monopolies), that many people will be transending away from the need for compression solutions which began 5 years ago when media prices were outrageous. Of course CloneDVD will keep it's ability to select which elements to include on a backup and then compress. But I also envision it as having the capability of evolving into a pretty sophisticated splitting tool that keeps the ability to select elements but replaces the present, somewhat clumsy splitting interface (sorry SS) and offers more sophisticated automatic and manual splitting features. Hand-in-hand, of course, with the alternate choice of using Slysoft CloneCD's ability to burn perfect 1:1 DL backups. Funny, the transcoder program is called "Clone" and the 1:1 DVD duplicator program is called "CD"... (go figure?!) But I think the CloneCD "simple" interface needs to be overhauled so that it is more obvious that is also intended for DL DVD burning and not just CD's and games.

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