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    has anyone tried to backup shoot em up
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    You will find info about that movie in the AnyDVD section of the forum.
  3. Webslinger

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    A. Use Anydvd click

    B. Right click the red fox icon on your toolbar. Select "rip video-dvd to harddisk".

    C. Set the AI scanner to "Thorough" (click red fox icon-->Navigate to "Video DVD" then select "Settings" underneath-->on the right select "Thorough" under "AI Scanner"). Click "ok".

    D. Use whatever program you want on that rip.
  4. Markrogo

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    Shoot "EM UP

    I was able to make a backup copy yesterday with It worked crystal clear. I have noticed more problems with other movies I got over the holiday however such as Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and others. There seems to be a new anti-copying software that has surfaced in the last few weeks (or updated to older ones).
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    Please, if you are going to make a recommendation like this be sure of it and be specific in how you made your backup.

    Your assertion that Shoot 'Em Up can be backed up perfectly and "crystal clear" isn't true if the person does a full-disc backup with AnyDVD Now, you may not have done a full-disc backup but you didn't say that you didn't which is important to tell people. If you did do a full-disc backup then I can tell you now that it isn't perfect. There are problems with the bonus features and specifically the Animatics.

    If people wish to do a full-disc backup of Shoot 'Em Up they should use AnyDVD beta and either use CloneDVD to rip the disc or the AnyDVD ripper. Refer to this post by Webslinger.

    Shoot 'Em Up is a New Line releases and makes use of the X-Protect copy protection. This is different than the protection on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The X-Protect protection is one of the worst, IMHO, because of how it is accomplished. Having said that, however, there were many bad commercial discs released for the Harry Potter movie with visual flaws. I, myself, dealt with one that was physically damaged to the naked eye and the other was flawed when viewed but was watchable.

    A bad disc to begin with can lead to a bad backup and many factors can contribute to a backup with pixlelation as you noted in your Harry Potter thread. You didn't, however, provide any information in that thread. No logs, etc. Chances are you may have gotten a bad disc and if you did then even the original may display problems when watching it in a DVD player. However, if the pixelation is only on the backup then you may have burned the backup at too high a speed or it may be a media problem. There are various things that can cause pixelation.

    Edit: I'm not meaning to be insulting but it's getting tiring to see people make vague posts like this saying how they "made a perfect backup" and yet give no information as to how and the disc actually cannot be perfectly backed up with the version that was used. These statements also confuse and mislead other forum readers who haven't read all the threads concerning movies with issues.
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    I wish I could of. I always only backup the movie as I do not care about the other stuff and I could not even do that.BUMMER
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    You had a bad original disc (or a dying drive).