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Set Display Frequency


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Feb 2, 2007
Upon loading a new DVD, AnyDVD displays it's data and then the error message "Failed to set display frequency to 72 Hz". I can go on and rip the DVD with Shrink 3.2 but it bombs when trying to burn it with Nero. Any help would be appreciated.
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I suspect it is your media that you are using causing the problem, however, what is the message you are receiving from Nero?
Set Displat frequency

Nero fails with the message "Failed to read drive 'x' ''. Drive 'x' indicates which of my DVD burner drives that holds a blank DVD disc for burning. This software has worked for over 5 weeks (AnyDVD) and the same media has worked over a 100 times without any of these problems. Does this message appear to be coming from AnyDVD or Windows Pro, or Explorer?
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I don't understand why it is trying to read it, when it is burning, so I presume it is not Nero, and it shouldn't be AnyDvd, since he should be out of the picture when burning (someone correct me if I am wrong).