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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Ch3vr0n, Oct 31, 2020.

  1. Ch3vr0n

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    I was wondering, @Prospere since AnyStream knows the video and audio stream sizes, I was wondering if that's any way the download properties window (the one where your select audio stream and click to actually start the download) can somehow show the estimated file size of the completed download.

    The thing that triggered this thought was downloading a tv show episode at 720p and best audio stream and it still has barely 400mb. (Though the video quality itself was just fine)

    I mainly download shows at 720p to save some hard disk space as full hd shows can easily rack up 1.5+ GB and I'd like to keep mine at around 8-900mb.

    The easiest way I see this possible is when a user selects an audio stream and a video resolution, somewhere next to the resolution perhaps it's the combined file size mentioned.

    Before I make this a request, I'd like to know if it's even double.

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  2. dtsig

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    This is a great question ...
  3. Prospere

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    It's definitely doable, but it's a low priority for now. You may add this request to the list as approved.
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  4. Ch3vr0n

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    Done and no worries. The fact that it's doable and approved is enough for me.