SDFtool Flasher GUI (for use with MakeMKV's sdftool)

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    Hi everyone,

    I have created a windows GUI for the MakeMKV sdftool command line flasher. The appearance (and use) is similar to the modifed ASUS flasher, which should make it a bit easier for those that are unsure about using the command line.

    • Select a drive from the first drop down box
    • Select either READ or WRITE option (write is default)
    If you selected READ:
    You can now press the START button to dump the firmware. The application will create a folder called "Firmware_Dumps" in the same directory as the sdftool flasher, if it does not exist and save the dump file there. It will do a full firmware dump if it is able to otherwise it will only dump the user data.

    If you selected WRITE:
    • Click the second drop down box to select a firmware to flash
    • Check the "enc?" checkbox only if your drive has an encrypted firmware on it
    You can now press the START button to flash the selected firmware to your drive. Once the firmware has been flashed successfully, the application will refresh the drive list shown in the drop down box.

    Attached is my SDFtool Flasher GUI. Just unzip it in the same directory as your firmware files or anywhere else you like.

    Oh, also, make sure you have MakeMKV installed on your PC.

    As usual, any issues with the GUI, let me know.


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    Is this your latest version?

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    Yep. I didn't add any additional information to the post as it had only 12 downloads when I switched the file over.

    Also the new thread that you and coop created links to the MakeMKV thread anyway.

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