Screenpass issues with UK BFI box set title discs

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    The title is Dissent & Disruption: Alan Clarke at the BBC (1968-1989). There are 13 discs: 11 Blu-rays and 2 DVDs. The contents are relatively short films or TV episodes, so that there are multiple films on every disc. There are a couple of the films that run 90 minutes to 2 hours, but still there are more than one per disc. I'm going to attach log files for the problematic discs.

    Several of the Blu-rays have Screenpass protection on just a single one of the multiple films on the disc. The other films are stored normally. AnyDVD HD does not report any good playlists so either it doesn't report such for a multi-film disc, or didn't detect Screenpass. All of the blu-rays in this set have a M2TS file that is a minute long, is numbered over 00200, and says Copy Detected (or a rip tool is running if you are trying to watch this movie on your PC.) when it plays. However, that M2TS file only shows up in a playlist on selected discs, for which I'm providing logfiles.

    I suspect one DVD has deliberate CRC errors baked into sectors that are NOT removed by AnyDVD, so that an ISO copy has many, many sector read errors. If I set ImgBurn to ignore all read errors, I get an ISO that had many dozen ignored read errors, but which plays all content without a single skip, blip or flaw. This is the disc called HALF_HOUR_STORY. I am also including a log file for the second DVD, as a comparison point. I don't think it has extra CRC errors because there was no issue ripping it.

    Here are the M2TS file numbers for the Copy Detected video file on the Screenpass problem discs:

    00375 HORACE
    00765 NINA
    00178 CONTACT
    00618 THE_FIRM

    What, if anything does AnyDVD HD have to do to deal with the Screenpass on these discs, is there a problem with the HALF_HOUR_STORY DVD, and do you need any more information from me? I own this box set and I can do any kind of analysis you would like on the contents.



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    Half hour story: invalid logfile. That's a DVD, dvd's don't have playlists. Log removed. If there are issues with that title, please post it in the correct section
    BAAL: same issue. invalid logfile. DVD not a blu-ray, you're in the blu-ray section. Logfile removed
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    Um, ok, thanks, I think. I posted all these together simply because they are all part of one massive set of discs from the same manufacturer, thinking to save some time. I will post in the DVD section.
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    They may be of the same set yes, but they're not blu-ray. In order to be able to get the appropriate support from the correct people, logs must be posted in the corresponding section :) along with as much info about the problem itself.
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    Thank you, your Blu-rays should all be ok now.
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