Screenpass: BFI's Inner Sanctums - Quay Brothers

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  1. N8G5UK

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    I think these are my last BFI blu-rays.

    It's the two disc set "Inner Sanctums - Quay Brothers". Didn't spot the screenpass at first because it pops up about halfway through.

    Here are the log files.

    Thank you again Pete.
  2. Pete

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    Please post a log file for disc 1 again now.
    Disc two has no Screen Pass.
  3. N8G5UK

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    Thank you. Here's the log file for disc 1. Sorry about disc 2, I thought that because I spotted it on disc 1, disc 2 must also have it, but clearly not.

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  4. Ch3vr0n

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    Don't be sorry, it's better than to post both upfront and one not being protected than having to go through the process again later, only to find out later if wasn't protected by screenpass.

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  5. Pete

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    Ok, very good, that disc should work fine now.
  6. N8G5UK

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    Thank you Pete! And thank you Ch3vr0n too.
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