Screen Protection on The Killing - Region B Season 4 (3 Disc Set) [Blu-ray]

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    I purchased Seasons 3 and 4 of The Killing [Blu-ray] Region B from USA Amazon. I used AnyDVD_8.1.9.4 and PowerDVD 15. I was able to save a full version (Season 3) using CloneBD and it plays back on PowerDVD15 with no problems. However, my saved Season 4 shows a blinking screen and nothing else. I am guessing the problem may be a Screen Protection. Attached is screencapture of my AnyDVD settings and the logs for Season 4.

    I have successfully saved full copies of Region B Blu-Rays before. This Season 4 is my first "failure". The saved full version for Season 4 does playback on VSO's Media Player, but PowerDVD 15 is my default player.

    Thank You.

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    Update: I found problem and not Screen Protection!