Screamers Audio replacement (using tsMuxer)

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  1. testiles

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    Hey guys!

    Screamers is a Sci Fi B-movie I got during a Blockbuster inventory sale years ago and fell in love with.

    The disc was a two-sided DVD with a "Full Screen" (4:3) version on one side and "Widescreen" (16:9) on the other.

    I lost that disc and could only find the Full Screen version as a replacement. Not as much fun.

    Naturally, I was happy when a new Blu-Ray of this movie released last month -- in Widescreen!

    Got it, am viewing it, but see the Audio is DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0, not the Dolby Digital 5.1 of the DVD.

    Picture much improved, sound not so much.

    I know it's a shot in the dark, but does anyone know of any tool or method I could use to transfer or overlay the 5.1 audio of the DVD onto the Blu-Ray movie?

    ... and finally get the ultimate Screamers experience?

    (The ideal result would be an .mkv or mp4 file with the 1080p Video and Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio)

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  2. fleika

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    Here is what i did : -Load the DVD in tsmuxer and choose Output BDMV
    - rip the BD with tsmuxer to movie only
    -use tsmuxer to mux the BD Video and DVD 5.1 Sound to m2ts
    - Should the Sound be out of sync , play the result with vlc Player and use the sound sync tool to find out the Sound delay.
    -Load the m2ts in tsmuxer with the Sound delay ,and choose the Output you like
    Then you can use mkv toolnix to create the mkv.

    Should you own the Pal DVD ,there is a slowdown needed.Clownbd can do that.
  3. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Hello @fleika . Thanks for your reply!

    And for letting me know it IS possible to do this.

    Sounds like to start I need to get tsmuxer and mkv toolnix.

    You say mkv toolnix will create the mkv. What will the output be from tsmuxer. Maybe that will suffice?

    The DVD is NTSC so guess I won't need ClownBD.

    I see you say "what I did". Do you have Screamers too?

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  4. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    @fleika ,

    I downloaded tsMuxer and am trying to do the first step, loading the DVD in and choosing Output BDMV.

    The DVD is in folder form. When I try to input it, instead of accepting the folder, it seems to want to drill down to the individual .vob files.

    I don't think I can pick any of them and have a complete movie.

    For output, I don't see BDMV, only "Blu-Ray iso" and "Blu-Ray folder". So I'm guessing it's Blu-Ray folder.

    But first, how do I get it to accept the DVD folder?

  5. fleika

    fleika Well-Known Member

    Yes i own Screamers and muxed it to Blu Ray including the original DTSHD and the Dolby Digital Sound from DVD.

    You can choose the tsmuxer Output (ts/m2ts/avchd/blu ray/iso), just take a look at it .

    The m2ts File can be used to create the mkv , if it has to be mkv for you. I burned my result on Disc using img burn.

    For the DVD in tsmuxer : You open the Video ts Folder of your dvd, You see something like

    VTS 01.1 vob to VTS 01.x vob x meaning the last part of the main movie, depending on the size

    of the movie. On DVD the movie is splitted in 1 gb parts.

    Add the first part using the add buttom of ts muxer und use the join buttom for all the

    other vob parts of the main movie. Choose your Output and mux.
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  6. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Sounds good.

    I see all the outputs, you mention.

    And actually my preference is disc, didn't think that was an option.

    So I want to do exactly what you did...

    But not understanding how I'm going to get the sound tracks off the DVD using tsmuxer.

    All I see is a list of VOB files from the DVD folder when I select the DVD folder as input...

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  7. fleika

    fleika Well-Known Member

    see above , i edited my post.
  8. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Oh ok!

    I'll try that!

    EDIT: I joined all the VOB files.

    Should I just pick the AC3 audio or the MP2 video too?

    Then output the DVD to Blu-Ray folder or m2ts muxing?

  9. fleika

    fleika Well-Known Member

    to convert the DVD to blu ray pick both. Output m2ts.
    when you create your final blu ray delete the DVD Video strem in ts muxer before muxing
  10. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    OT: Screamers is a nice little Sci-Fi gem.
    Screenplay by Dan O'Bannon (of Alien fame) based on a short story by Philip K. Dick. Robocop Peter Weller as leading actor. Sweet.
  11. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member


    All notable talents.

    Yeah, it's a great B popcorn flick especially if you're a Sci Fi fanatic.

    That's why I'm hoping to get it in HD and 5.1!

    Really don't know what Shout Factory was thinking when they made the audio of the Blu-Ray Stereo.

    EDIT: The Shout Factory audio does have one small compensation.
    It's at a bit rate of around 1600 kBps. The 5.1 DVD track only 350.
    Still will take the 5.1 though.


    Really appreciate your direction in making the "Ultimate Screamers Blu-Ray" but let's face it. I am way over my head! :=)

    HelI, had to look up what "mux" meant. :p

    Now, I see what tsmuxer does, it can break apart the video, audio, and subtitle components of movies and put them together in a new output.

    Got that.

    Still don't quite know how to use it though.

    I've successfully created an m2ts of the DVD but it only seems to have the Stereo Surround track not the 5.1....

    So, I'm gonna study some examples of tsmuxer and play around with this tool until I understand what it does and how to use it.

    Then try to follow your instructions again.

    I'm thinking all I have to do is create an m2ts for the DVD, and another for the Blu-Ray (movie only). Then add them both into tsmuxer and remove the video of the DVD and the audio of the Blu-Ray.

    Then output to something that will allow me to synchronize the video and audio and eventually burn a Blu-Ray....

    But we shall see.

    I'll let you know my progress.

    Thanks again,

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  12. fleika

    fleika Well-Known Member

    I own the Pal DVD, there is english Sound in Stereo AND in DD 5.1 on it. Maybe you picked the wrong one .
  13. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    My version has both audio tracks as well.

    Screamers DVD Audio Menu.JPG

    I joined all the vob's like you told me but even when just looking at that first screen, there was only the 2.0 track listed.

    tsMuxer Screamer DVD - Screen 1.JPG

    I created the m2ts anyway and sure enough it had 2.0. Guess I shouldn't have been surprised.

    Not sure what I'm doing wrong but will keep at it til I figure it out.

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  14. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    @fleika , I did it!!!!

    First off, tsMuxer wasn't picking up the 5.1 track of the DVD because I had too many .vob files included.

    Or maybe because the very first one was not needed (it was for the Menus).

    Anyway, I went through and viewed each .vob file and only included those for the movie.

    Then the 5.1 Audio track appeared on the tsMuxer screen.

    What I did next was a variation on your theme but seems to work...

    In tsMuxer session 1, I demuxed just the 5.1 audio track from the DVD and put it in an .ac3 file.

    Then I went through the m2ts files on the Blu-Ray and found the one for the movie (fortunately there's no seamless branching for this movie or I would have been lost) (lol).

    In the next tsMuxer session, I added the m2ts from the Blu-Ray and the .ac3 from the DVD, un-selected the 2.0 track from the Blu-Ray, and muxed it all together to create a new m2ts.

    The new m2ts had the 1080p video and 5.1 sound!!!

    But just as you predicted, it wasn't in sync.

    So, following your instruction, I played it in VLC and carefully calculated the audio delay needed to line it up with the video.

    In the final tsMuxer session, I ran this m2ts file through and indicated the audio delay needed. The output was Blu-Ray .iso....

    ... and voila !!! The final result is a Blu Ray .iso of the movie with full HD video and 5.1 sound (in sync).

    I was surprised that tsMuxer even created chapters --- AND retained the Subtitles.

    I'm in the process of burning the .iso to disc as we speak.

    So dude, I am now in Screamer heaven !!!

    Plan on showing the Ultimate Screamer Blu-Ray on my home theater set-up tonight.

    fleika, thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction !!! (y) :LOL:

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  15. fleika

    fleika Well-Known Member

    Youre welcome, glad i could help.
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  16. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member


    I'm really glad I was able to do this.

    The 5.1 track of Screamers is hands-down superior to the 2.0, high-resolution or not.

    They use the extra channels to good effect, really making you feel you're in the middle of the crazy world onscreen.

    And, yeah, the 1080 picture rocks!

    So, after becoming a little more accustomed to tsMuxer, I found a way to streamline the process I used before.

    It bothered me a little that there was so much creating output and feeding it back into the application.

    Basically, I was processing the audio thru three generations and the video through two.

    No matter how "clean", tsMuxer processing is, that many trips to the well has to have some effect!

    I now, have a way to do this in one generation.

    I'll outline what I did step-by-step here for anybody needing to know how to do something similar.....

    To re-iterate, the goal was to overlay the 5.1 audio of the DVD onto the Blu-Ray movie and replace it's 2.0 audio.

    The final result was to be a Blu-Ray disc.

    I guess Step 0 was to make sure both the Blu-Ray and movie are the same length! One could have been a slightly different version and ofc sound overlay would then not be possible.

    The play length of Screamers on the DVD and Blu-Ray were within seconds of each other, so I was in luck.

    Step 1 was to initiate tsMuxer and add in the DVD movie.

    To do that, I had to add in .vob files found in the VIDEO_TS folder. Only the .vob's of the movie are needed.

    Mux example 1.JPG

    I added in VTS_01_1.vob through VTS_01_5.vob.

    VIDEO_TS.vob was a Columbia TriStar splash and VTS_01_0.vob was Menu templates.

    In tsMuxer, you have to "add" the first .vob and "join" the rest.

    Step 2, I added in the Blu-Ray movie.

    To do that, I had to get the .m2ts file that contained the movie.

    The .m2ts files of the Blu-Ray are in BDMV/STREAM.

    Mux example 2.JPG

    Again luck was with me since this Blu-Ray had just one .m2ts file with the entire movie.

    My understanding is if the movie had seamless-branching the movie would be spread among several .m2ts files.

    There's a way to deal with that, but guess I'll have to take the Advanced class to know how (lol).

    [EDIT: For tsMuxer and seamless-branching, see post #20 below]

    It's pretty obvious that the movie is in 00002.m2ts.

    I "add"-ed that file in tsMuxer.

    So, now both the DVD and Blu-Ray movie versions are in tsMuxer.

    Step 3, in the section of tsMuxer labelled "Tracks", I de-selected the Blu-Ray (DTS-HD 2.0) Audio track and all the DVD (AC3) Audio tracks except the 5.1.

    I also de-selected the DVD (MPEG-2) Video track.

    Mux example 3.JPG

    That's almost it!

    If I let tsMuxer create output at this point it will have the Blu-Ray video and DVD audio, but they will more than likely be out of sync.

    So I ran the app and created an .m2ts output file.

    Step 4, in order to find out how much delay is needed to align the audio and video track, I played the .m2ts output file in VLC.

    VLC has a control under the "Tool" tab called 'Track Synchronization".

    Mux example 4.JPG

    It lets you move the audio track forward or backward in reference to the video track to find where they mesh.

    When you find that point, there's a readout called "Audio Track Synchronization" that tells what the delay needed is in milliseconds.

    Step 5, the final tsMuxer step.

    Going back to tsMuxer and leaving it set up exactly as before, same inputs, everything the same, I highlighted the 5.1 Audio track and typed in the audio delay under "General track options".

    Mux example 5.JPG

    All adjustments are now done!

    I changed the tsMuxer output to Blu-Ray .iso and let tsMuxer do it's muxing thing.

    In one pass, this will create the results needed......

    Playing the .iso shows the movie plays in 1080p with 5.1 sound.

    It has chapters added every 5 minutes by tsMuxer and the Subtitles from the original Blu-Ray are available :)

    All that's needed is to burn the .iso to disc in ImgBurn.


    Hope this is helpful to anyone who needs it.

    Props to @fleika for pointing the way....

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  17. fleika

    fleika Well-Known Member

    There's a way to deal with that, but guess I'll have to take the Advanced class to know how (lol).

    Should you ever Need to do this , determine the correct Playlist (mpls) with the help of clonebd or BDInfo and put the mpls into tsmuxer per drag and drop.
    The muxing result will be a Blu Ray with only one single m2ts in the stream Folder .
  18. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Thanks fleika!

    I'll try that on a movie that has seamless branching tonight and see if I can get it to work....

  19. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    fleika, just gave this a try.

    I couldn't find any mpls info in CloneBD, but with BDInfo, it couldn't have been easier.

    I pulled the needed .mpls into tsMuxer instead of adding an .m2ts file and it created the full movie in a .ts file, as you said.

    I actually discovered something else about tsMuxer during this test.

    I didn't de-select anything from the movie I tested on. Turns out it had 2 audio tracks.

    tsMuxer put both in the .ts file.

    I was able to switch between them while playing the movie (one was the normal audio track, the other Director's commentary).

    I didn't even know .ts files could accommodate multiple audio tracks!

    I guess .ts files don't "do" Subtitles because although they were included in tsMuxer, they were not available on the .ts file.

    While playing the movie, PDVD gave me the option to import a file for the Subtitles. So I went back and demuxed just the Subtitles in tsMuxer.

    That created an .sup file, that PDVD wouldn't acknowledge. It seemed to want an .sub or .srt file.

    So Subtitles for the .ts was a no-go.

    Anyway, continuing to learn the great things tsMuxer can do.

  20. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Here's what I learned about using tsMuxer with movies with seamless branching:

    If you need to add a Blu-Ray movie into tsMuxer and the movie has seamless branching, here's what you can do.

    The movie below uses seamless branching...

    Mux example 6.JPG

    You can tell because the largest .m2ts file only shows a play length of 1 hour 16 minutes. The full movie is nearly 2 hours.

    That means the movie is spread over multiple .m2ts files.

    In these cases, there is a playlist in the Blu-Ray that indicates how the .m2ts files join to play the movie.

    That playlist, in the form of an .mpls file, is what you need to add to tsMuxer.

    One way to find the movie's .mpls is to download and use BDInfo.

    When BDInfo analyzes the Blu-Ray, it will show all the .mpls files and their play length.

    Mux example 7.JPG

    This one shows the .mpls for the full movie is 00928.mpls with a time of 1:56:53.

    In the Blu-Ray, this .mpls is in BDMV/PLAYLIST.

    Mux example 8.JPG

    "Add"ing that into tsMuxer effectively pulls in the full movie.

    Mux example 9.JPG

    ... And you're good to go.

    If BDInfo shows several Playlists that are movie-length, that means the Blu-Ray probably has ScreenPass protection.

    Mux example 10.JPG

    In those instances, AnyDVD itself will usually indicate the correct Playlist for you in it's Status window.

    Mux example 11.JPG

    So now whether you have a "standard" Blu-Ray, one with seamless branching or one with ScreenPass, you're ready to add it to and process it in tsMuxer.

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