Schindler's List

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by j1146, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. j1146

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    Has anyone had trouble backing up this title? AnyDVD worked fine with Side A but it cannot read Side B in either of my DVD drives. After the drives spend a considerable amount of time working the disc with AnyDVD icon remaining pink, I end up getting the standard error message which says AnyDVD can't read the disc and listing some possible reasons, none of which seem to apply. The disc did not appear damaged but just to be sure I borrowed a copy from a friend and got the same result. Side A was fine but Side B won't work.
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  2. Clams

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    Try it with Shrink and no AnyDVD at all. I don't recall any trouble with that one.

  3. j1146

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    Thanks for the suggestion W. I tried Shrink by first closing AnyDVD. Shrink cannot read the disc either. I get the familiar Cyclic Redundancy error which appears when the disc is scratched or damaged. My next thought was that the disc may have scratches that are not readily visible. But I played the movie through to the end in the drive and there were no problems. I've certainly never seen anything like this before. My only remaining thought is that the "value-added" DVD-Rom software on the disc is creating some sort of read problem.
  4. oldjoe

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    A damaged disc may be playable and still be too damaged to be copied. Have you tried cleaning the disc?
  5. Clams

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    Ya... sounds like a hosed disk.

  6. j1146

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    It probably is damaged. Side B is the one that always ends up facing up when it is stored and handled so it likely receives the brunt of mishandling. I know that a dirty disc can sometimes produce the same problems as a scratched one so I did try gently cleaning the disc with a soft moist cloth but it didn't make any difference. I've also tried extracting the Video TS sector directly to my hard drive using ISO Buster but it always gets hung up at the 50% point. I don't think there is any hope for this endeavor. Thanks to both of you for your helpful suggestions.