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  1. donandjudyo

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    Anybody having problems copying Saw III?
  2. b1030

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    There have been numerous threads concerning this title.
    Check them out, sure they'll be useful. Are you using Clone DVD 2 with AnyDVD? If not, they are "Must Have" software that is worth every cent paid!!:bowdown:
  3. DeM074

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    No problems perfect FULL BACKUP! Shrink encounters error w/ AnyDVD Went an alternative route for encryption methods. Sorry forgot to mention. Again I apologize.
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  4. Clams

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    Really? I'm sure they are worth every cent paid, but the purpose of AnyDVD (alone!) is that it runs in the background and will work with ANY third party ripper/burner - not just CloneDVD (a great product).

  5. Webslinger

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  6. Clams

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    Is that a brand new PREREQUISITE for using AnyDVD??

    Last time I checked the Slysoft front page, it ran in the background and allowed you to use your ripper and/or burner of YOUR CHOICE. Has that changed just because SAW3 came up with a new copy protection scheme? ("I'd bet not)

    AnyDVD alone has a GREAT history of quickly catching up with new protection schemes.Just give it a moment to adapt.
    It always has so far!! :D

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  7. bserker

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    I agree 100%. After the latest updates to AnyDVD and CloneDVD, I had no problems with Saw 3! Great products!!:D
  8. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Of course not

    However, it's reasonable to assume Slysoft can support its own products in a more timely fashion than third party products. Therefore, if you want a solution for Shrink with Anydvd, for example, chances are you will be waiting more often than those who use Clonedvd2 or Clonecd.
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  9. RedFox 1

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    Although most DVD Copy programs will work seemlessly with AnyDVD, CloneDVD2 is the best. Shrink while a great program in its day and still is in many way is old and currently unsupported. Give CloneDVD2 a try, 21 day free trial, you have nothing to lose. :agree:
  10. Troubles with Saw3

    I also had troubles with Shrink, (would not read my Drive) So I tried 21 day free trial Clone DVD2, I Already have Any DVD, It seamed like it read and brun't fine, but when I played it ,it stopped and and started, jerky, jumped like 6 or 7 seconds at a time. I tried three times, Slowed burn speed down, Tried both Clone 2 functions, CopyDVD &
    Clone DVD same results Any suggestions out there Thanks
  11. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    1. Visit your burner's website, and update your burner's firmware

    2. Use Nero cd-dvd speed to change the booktype:
    This is a free program. (Click "Extra", then "Bitsetting". Make the change to "dvd-rom" and click "set".)

    3. Use good quality blank media. Try Verbatim (CMC), Maxell Broadcast Quality, Taiyo Yuden, etc.
  12. DeM074

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    If you adjusted the drive speed it could very well be your media. :cool:
  13. Kahboom

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    I watched Saw III from the original disk on a laptop, and it paused frequently, but never more than a fraction of a second. It was irritating, and sometimes, the dialog was inaudible where it kept pausing. I assume this is from the 90 unreadable sectors that AnyDVD was able to recognize. I had problems with Shrink also.
  14. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    What happens if you disable Anydvd and watch it?

    Anydvd will not currently work with Shrink 3.2 on this title.