Saw 3

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  1. gus738

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    trust me d/l the trial and have fun messing with it , its worth the cost and you can select/unselect certain title subs preserve menu's heck even cut certain portions of a scene you dont wanna see.

    can you better explain this because i got confused ?
  2. davo

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    With ANYDVD I use CloneDVD2, DVDSHRINK, DVD-RB and even Nero if the disc is single layer -no problems. Great product.
  3. lobito

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    Saw works if you only do the movie with none of the extras- I haven't tride it yet with the new version
  4. rjmacnc

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    Davo, maybe it's just me then.

    Gus738 - I'll d/l the trial version of CloneDVD and give it a try. I had been using DVDShrink w/o problems for a long time and this is the first disc that has actually given me trouble.

    Also, do you need AnyDVD to remove the copy protections in order for CloneDVD to read the disc?
  5. Aaron

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    hi guss 730 yes when i make the new anydvd on to burn my dvd player show me there is no disc so whene i swicth of the anydvd off my player can read the cd:mad:
  6. dbr1214

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    Saw lll

    I downloaded the newest version of ANY DVD ( and Clone DVD 2 version ( and am still having problems with Saw lll. When using DVD Shrink I receive the message "Cannot read file F" When trying to copy using Clone DVD 2 I receive the message ""creation of DVD files was not successful,
    Unexpected error"
  7. teshiachris

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    AnyDVD & 1 Click DVD Copy 5

    Has anyone used the new ANYDVD with 1 Click DVD cOpy for saw III. I got my SAW III to back up with the previous version of anydvd with alot of tinkering with clonedvd2. I am just wondering if the new anydvd version works with one click now for this title.
  8. Franchise

    Franchise Well-Known Member

    From what I can gather here, it sounds like AnyDVD is messing with your computer's drive from reading a CD? It definitely shouldn't do that.

    I tried burning Saw III again tonight and have to say that the new update worked good for me.
  9. alichvar

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    I am using a Current version of AnyDVD I do not have Clone DVD I am using DVD Shrink to rip the iso image file of the dvd to an external harddrive. I am still having trouble backing up Saw 3. Any Suggestions??!!??
  10. teshiachris

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    download the free version of clone DVD2 and I can tell u exactly what to do
  11. Franchise

    Franchise Well-Known Member

    With Clone, you don't even need to tell him how to do it. It rips and burns fine now. With Shrink, you'd probably have to unselect the bad sections still.
  12. davo

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    You can rip the DVD to hard disk first by right clicking on the ANYDVD icon in your tray. Shrink should have no problems. CLONEDVD is great for a fast copy on the fly - unbeatable in that respect and gives same quality as DVDSHRINK normal mode. But the greater the compression required - the less the quality. Good quality takes more time and CLONE only has the one mode - I bought it because I like the on the fly copying - cheap and nasty but you won't notice the difference if compression is low. If you need 50% compression that another story but you still need an LCD screen to notice.
  13. teshiachris

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    Ok I guess it works now I had to do it before the anydvd update and remove the bad sectors. Thanks Slysoft!:clap: :clap:
  14. alichvar

    alichvar New Member

    When attempting to use DVD Shrink it will not even read the disc stating an error reading that drive. I also tried 1 Click DVD Copy Pro and I am getting the same type of error message.
  15. rjmacnc

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    I just d/l'ed CloneDVD and it worked fine. I can't say that it's as user friendly as DVDShrink but if that's gonna be the answer to some of my problems, I think I'll have to purchase.
  16. Franchise

    Franchise Well-Known Member

    The e-mails have said that AnyDVD works best in conjunction with SlySoft products.
  17. icerod

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    Hi Tom, I've never used clone dvd 2 but I'm trying to do Saw III, I see 3 choices. Do I Clone DVD (inclusing all titles and menus) or write existing data (process or write dVD files and iso/udf images) I think I read you have to you any dvd in the background.

    BULLGEAR Member

    Saw 3. Any Suggestions??!!??

    :agree: on this movie, anydvd did nothing to help me. use ripit4methen dvd_decrypter will do its thing ,then FixVTS will run then shrink will take over and the movie will be ready. just download these programs and have them on your PC and once you start ripit4me it will go right to the next process by its self. I backed up the full DVD like this it is real simple..
  19. 4x4le

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    So if anyone has been able to get saw III copied using dvdshrink, how did you do it? It seems like I might be able to do it with dvd decriptor but I would like to be able to compress it for single layer. I might download the dvd clone, but I do like the features of dvd shrink because I already know how to use all of them and saw III is my first real problem of this sort. When I go to do the first analization, it says cannot read H (where h is my dvd drive) and it does not go any further. It dosent even begin to start. Its the instant I click the button, it wount let me go any further.

  20. Cobrargc

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    I'm having the same issue. "Failed to read F:\"