Saving Private Ryan UHD Transcoder failure

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by coopervid, Aug 7, 2018.

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    I made a 50 Gb backup movie only of this German UHD disc. Worked.
    Then I decided to make full disc backup since mostly only then features like Dolby Vision can be enabled.
    The first time CloneBD just crashed. Then it gave me the attached transcoder file plus a huge .klo file.

    Let me know if you also need the .klo file.

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  2. coopervid

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    the disc was dirty. I cleaned it.
    Ripped to protected ISO.
    Rolled back to CloneBD
    Changed from highest speed to best quality.
    Now it transcodes at 58% while it failed formerly at 48% for a 50GB target.
    I'll keep you posted....
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    That's not a valid test compared to your previous one. You changed multiple variables, to the point where if it succeeds now it won't be possible to find the culprit. Change everything back (except the cleaning obviously) and redo the encode. Then change 1!!! setting and run a new encode. Rinse and repeat...

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    these days we don't have the time for a serial step by step approach like in the old days. Change as many parameters as possible and then drill down if it still doesn't work. It worked! Best guess: It was the dirty disc as no one else reported issues.
    Thank you anyway for reading and your advice.

    UHD discs are super-sensitive to anything on the disc!