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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by timmyeddy, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. timmyeddy

    timmyeddy Member

    Hello All, I am looking into buying a Samsung sata DVD Burner. ANYDVD will not have trouble recognising this will it? Thanks
  2. oldjoe

    oldjoe Well-Known Member

    AnyDVD will be fine but I would suggest something other than a Samsung.
  3. MarkRacer

    MarkRacer Well-Known Member

    SATA optical drives can be a hit or miss. I just attempted to install and use a Liteon 20X SATA drive. I first tried burning a cd with CloneCD and it reached the 97% mark before hanging. I tried backing up a DVD (with AnyDVD of course) and I got the dreaded BLUE SCREEN of DEATH. I built my system more than a year ago and never had a BSOD.

    I decided to uninstall/reinstall my SATA drivers with no luck. I tried different settings in my bios thinking the issue was there with no luck. After spending more than a couple of hours troubleshooting, I decided to reinstall my old Liteon 16x IDE drive. Guess what??? Everything is back to normal.

    The only major pro of having a SATA optical drive is the neater cabling system and no need for the audio cable. Other than that you'll never use the maximum bandwidth that SATA offers when using optical drives. Of course I love my SATAII HDD's. No problem with those puppies.

    The moral of this story is - if it ain't broke don't %^&* with it.

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    SLYSOFT is the SHIZNIT!!!
  4. Rich86

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    My Lite-On 16A7S Sata dvd burner works great, This is in an AMD 64x2 based system (Epox motherboard). Make sure your sata cable is seated properly and you have the latest available motherboard firmware and drivers.
  5. timmyeddy

    timmyeddy Member

    Thanks for the info. Samsung is alright with me.I have never had a problem with mine. I'm just looking to put two drives into my system. But of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
  6. timmyeddy

    timmyeddy Member

    Just a update.Samsung SH-S183L Sata burner works fine with ANYDVD.
    Reads and burns perfectly. ANYDVD ROCKS!!! Samsung in this humble reporter's opinion is the best buy out there for the money.