SAPPHIRE HD 2600 PRO 512 mb DDR 2

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    On the box it says AGP VERSION HDMI Features not supported.(NOT TRUE)
    I BOUGHT A "ROCKET FISH" DVI TO HDMI CORD AND ON ONE TV IT WORKS GREAT. THATS MY 42 INCH PLASMA....MY 37 INCH LCD DOESN'T WORK WITH IT, BUT IT HAS A VGA PORT THAT WORKS GREAT. I suggest trying a cord if you want from BEST BUY....they usually will take it back if it doesn't work. If you can use VGA IT'S THE a pinch try the Rocket Fish cable.
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    What is this all about?????
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    For owners of the same video card

    The only way to get HD DVD's to play with it at 1080i is over DVI or VGA the 9 pin s video to component is only 720i
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    Sounds like "GOK" :agree: