Samsung 305T & nvidia 8800 gtx

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    Is anybody running this hardware with Anydvd successfully for HDCP compliance use?

    I have this configuration including the Samsung 305T, nVidia 8800GTX, running on a Dell 420 with a Philips BD-RE BDD1001 blu-ray drive with no luck playing BluRay. Explorer sees the files but Powerdvd will not even give me a menu.

    Anydvd popup message says that it cannot see a dvd drive.

    None of the feedback in the forums address that I cannot proceed beyond step one - won't see my drives in the drives tab.

    Anyone with similar experiences or advice? I've done the installation, re-start for the last three releases
  2. Adbear

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    It's going to be down to the controller on the motherboard that the drive is connected to. If it's connected to an intel controller try getting the latest driver from intel's website. Also check what mode the controller is set to in the BIOS. Also check your build of Powerdvd, and try build 3319a
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    Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTX, GTS 320MB, GTS 640MB, Ultra (G80 based models) are not dual-link HDCP capable, which means they cannot transmit a HDCP-enabled signal to the monitor at resolutions higher than 1280x800. There is no way to play any HDCP content over DVI connections with these cards (usually on 24+ inches monitors). The only way is to lower your resolution to 1280x800 when playing the protected titles.

    Anyway, AnyDVD HD except for some BD+ protected titles is capable removing the AACS protection and thus allowing to play the title without HDCP protection.

    There are some other titles which refuse to play if you remove the region protection. Try disabling (or not enabling, region removal is disabled by default in AnyDVD HD) the region removal feature. If this is still not working, disable AnyDVD HD entirely, and set your monitor resolution to 1280x800, this will work for sure)

    So much efforts to have a very high fullHD content played at such a crappy resolution on such a big screen, I have the same problem :'(
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    Tthis cannot be related to a motherboard problem, since he sees the files in Explorer. PowerDVD don't even show a proper error message when this happens and since the menu is HD content, it cannot be seen without a proper HDCP setup.