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Samsung 305T and HD-DVD content

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by birdman10000, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. birdman10000

    birdman10000 New Member


    I'm about to buy a new monitor, Samsing 305T ( http://www.samsung.com/us/consumer/...e=monitors&subtype=lcd&model_cd=LS30HUBCB/XAA )

    but i have found out that this monitor isn't hdcp compliant.

    If i buy a HDCP compliant videocard (ex geforce 8800 GTX) and install and run slysoft anydvd hd will I then be able to playback a HD-DVD disc from my internal Toshiba HD-DVD drive?

    I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate.

    Thanks a lot
  2. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    If I was you I wouldn't buy any new monitor that isn't HDCP compliant
  3. birdman10000

    birdman10000 New Member

    I know

    It's a silly situation. I would like a 30" monitor and and want the best quality, and the Samsung is a lot better than Dell.

    I shall use it for games and movies.

    The question is actually - does it work with anydvd hd or not.
  4. ibglowin

    ibglowin Well-Known Member

    If you purchase AnyDVD-HD you don't need an HDCP Compliant Monitor

    You can watch your HD-DVD's or BD's on your current setup. Thats one of the things AnyDVD HD does for you.

    Just curious though as to why you would spend that much $$$ on a computer only monitor. Yea the screen resolution may be a bit more but the brightness is not as good as an HDTV plus no other inputs on this guy whereas if you go with say a Samsung LCD HDTV you could get loads of inputs plus 720P or 1080P (if you want it) for about the same amount of $$$
  5. birdman10000

    birdman10000 New Member


    Thanks and your question is interesting.

    I play a lot of online poker and due to this screens high resolution (2560x1600) can i play 6 tables at the same time without overlay. That is, i can have 6 tables side by side since the standard resolution of the online-poker tables is 800x600.

    I have a 720p projector and I will buy a pioneer plasma soon, so the primary objective of the monitor isn't HD-DVD playback. I would like to have the option though.

    It's primary use is poker, internet and games.

    The videocard is connected with my projector.
  6. Stormlord

    Stormlord Well-Known Member

    Much like with the Dell 3007, AnyDVD HD is the solution to your problem with this monitor.

    The problem is that HDCP does not support dual link DVI interface, only single link. A "minor oversight" (sarcasm) on behalf on the people who designed the stupid, unwanted crap HDCP is. For 2560x1600 resolution you NEED dual link interface. If you use a single link cable instead and use a lower resolution, like 1920x1080 it's not unlikely that it will work properly if it supports HDCP (the Dell does, but only at 1920x1080 or lower and when connected with single link cable).

    But much easier than having to switch and having the secondary problem of not being able to attach a second screen to your pc while playing back HDCP content (Duh!) is to use AnyDVD HD and get rid of both problems at the same time (and have no problems with regioncoding)...

    I do not use AnyDVD HD for ripping/copying my movies, only for those purposes and it works well at that.

    Some nvidia 8600gt videocard mfr. have circumvented the problem by issuing the same keys on both links I read somewhere... Maybe the cardmfr. will follow suit with this "quick and dirty" fix for the bad HDCP spec.
  7. birdman10000

    birdman10000 New Member


    I actually thought the Dell monitor was HDCP in resolution 2560x1600.. thanks i could perhaps have made an expensive mistake buying that,

    It seems anydvd HD is the solution to my problem.

    So I buy and install Anydvd HD and run it when i want to see a HD-dvd or Blu-Ray movie and that will work fine in resolution 2560x1600.

    I have a nvidia geforce 8800GTX (inno3D - http://www.inno3d.com/products/graphic_card/gf8/8800gtx.htm) and it is HDCP. I assume that this card will work fine with the samsung 305T. Please corretc me If I', wrong.

    The card has 2 outputs and i want to use one of them with my Samsung 305T and the other with my Sony HS60 projector / and later my pioneer LX508D plasma (not bought yet).

    I have not decided if i need a splitter to connect both the projector and the pioneer og if I shall buy a new videocard when i actually buy the Pioneer Plasma (if im honest i expect it will take 2-3 years before thats af fact). Actually we don't have HD-television in my country yet, so the need for a plasma isn't that great when i have my projector. I'm gonna stick with my CRT for a while and then I can use my 8800GTX for the plasma and then I buy a new card for gaming.
  8. Stormlord

    Stormlord Well-Known Member


    should be no problem, though I have no experience with Inno3Ds card. My 2 EVGA 8800GTX work just fine, as long as I run AnyDVD HD - HDCP is gone and I can keep my monitor at its native resolution (2560x1600)...
  9. JandR

    JandR New Member

    305T & nvidia 8800 gtx

    I have this configuration including the Samsung 305T, nVidia 8800GTX, running on a Dell 420 with a Philips BD-RE BDD1001 blu-ray drive with no luck playing BluRay.
    So same question - the deed is done already wil Anydvd take care of compliance? I have installed the trtial and after re-starting, Anydvd says that it cannot see a dvd drive. None of the feedback in the forums address that I cannot proceed beyond step one.

    Any suggestions? is the trial fully functional? or just time limited?
  10. Stormlord

    Stormlord Well-Known Member

    I think you have a different issue as anydvd does not see your drive - as you are stating in your email. The problem with HDCP is not directly related to that. Does your OS see your drive in explorer or does powerdvd see the drive both when anyDVD is running or not running?
  11. JandR

    JandR New Member

    no show

    the drive actually explores blu-ray movies, plays dvds so mechanically seems fine, therefore making me assume hdcp/anydvd issues.
    PowerDVD doesn't even acknowledge that there is a disk with only the exit, eject, settings, help, online update buttons visible. same reaction with and without anydvd beta running.

    any other suggestions? wanted to see if trial is fully functional, also if there is a way to make the trial last until I figure this out.