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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Gary Laffoon, Apr 12, 2021.

  1. Gary Laffoon

    Gary Laffoon New Member

    I just payed for the movie Raya on Disney+ yet when I try to download it with SA it errors out with title not listed or you need to pay for it.
    Is this a known problem and is there a work around so I can download it?

  2. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    You have to pay Disney+ for the movie then download it. After paying you must refresh the page, it will show as Downloadable and then you are all good,
  3. Gary Laffoon

    Gary Laffoon New Member

    I did pay Disney+ for the movie rental. I can watch is on the Disney+ app, but when I go into SA and click on the Download button I get this error:
    Like I said the movie is payed for and I can stream it to my TV or computer just fine.

    BALLOFIRON Well-Known Member

    i had this too but restarting the program helped me
  5. RickDR

    RickDR Well-Known Member

    I receive the same error after about 12 hours use on NetFlix and 6 hours for Disney. With Netflix I notice either a -1+1 in the first dropdown in the download dialog OR after the download dialog I geta "can't get the licence" or like the dialog above. I logoff and login for Netflix most times, and this works for Disney, too, but but sometimes I must reboot. Disney just starts showing me the dialog above. I logout of whichever tab and login and 8 of 10 that works. If logging out doesn't work I let whatever is downloading finish and then reboot and everything is fine again.

    I just got a weird one on Prime EVER where it started only giving me the "voice narrating" choice for language. I hit the dialog to see if there were other choices, no. SA crashed and disappeared.

    On two other occasions the latest SA shows a dialog from SA saying SA has crashed and it will put a log in the subdir. I waited to hit the OKAY until after Netflix and Prime finished their download and processing. I hit okay on the dialog, my explorer came up and SA blinked out. I have an earlier dump from the last version of SA before Disney was added. Where do I send the dumps?

    I should note that ever after a crash or reboot the program works for a predictable time.

    On another point, Netflix service brings up the series dialog for a series I am copying without a End of Download dialog, every time. Prime is much more organized in that is brings up a dialog to tell me what it finished on and lets me go to the Prime tab and hit the green downloads button. The Netflix won't let me do anything else until I select a new download or kill it twice. Disney acts completely differently the dialog just say It downloaded something. Since I only got a list of downloads for a series like Netflix I guess some, I got done dialog is nice. I would ask you always show a download down dialog with the name of what I downloaded displayed on all three tab. The biggest issue is that Netflix and Disney will put up a download next in the series dialog as I am filling out the download dialog for another tab. Further the processing the end of the file box takes over in the middle of a download box and that box may or may not be there after it goes away. I would be nice if I could say okay to the processing box and get back to my download dialog. I will know why if I click on the tab for the dialog that just announced it is processing isn't usable until you are done processing, then just turn off the graying of the tab. Thanks for a very useful product.
  6. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    First of all me personally I would never use the program for that many hours consecutively, now that it’s just me, you can do as you like, but we do want to protect ourselves from being banned by the providers. Using your CPU for that many hours consecutively can you also throttle your computer with heat, using this program it’s not like just browsing the Internet.
  7. Gary Laffoon

    Gary Laffoon New Member

    Good news I just tried to download my Disney+ movie and SA worked. Thanks for the replies.
  8. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    Congrats enjoy the program.
  9. RickDR

    RickDR Well-Known Member

    With the fan I have on my CPU I don't have any heat issues.

    Though I should have said over a 12 hour period. I am doing other things. If I am at the computer doing other things I might do a couple in a row then leave the computer for a bit. As I walk through to do something else I run a few more downloads and so on. I do make sure there are bursts and breaks like someone binging. I never go over the 1x you suggest. The most important thing I have done with it is downloading content I purchased so I know I will have it the future.

    I do want to say I am very satisfied over all. I enjoy all the products I have bought from you.