?s about converting movies to play via MCE to the 360

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by Mr_RIP, Jul 13, 2007.

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    It might be in the forums but the 3 letter limitation on searches really mess that up.

    Anyways I am converting all my movies to MPEG via the VOB pass thru feature.

    I tested this on soem movies and it worked fine. But right now I don't have a 360 anymore and won't until about christmas. So I thought I would just work on converting the rest of my movies over.

    But I started noticing some movies have audio options of AC-2 or ac-3/6, and others might have only one of those options and not always AC-2.

    So I am starting to worry 360 won't play the AC-3/6 audio viathe Vista Media Center interface when used as an extender. No bigge on a lot of movies but for actions ones I'd like surround sound.

    Now will I get not get any audio from those moves ripped with 3/6 or will the 360 pick out just 2 channels?

    If this is not the best option then what is. I don't have a beefy machine to dedicate for transcoding and leaving on 24/7.

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    Anyone? Someone must be using the vob pass thru.