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  1. vamsilak

    vamsilak Well-Known Member

    did anybody tried to muxer the movies
    the rock with tsmuxer
    how did work?
    whats the process?
    the reason i ask u about these movies contain multiple files
    please help
  2. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    God I'm getting sick of posting this... (Search doom9 if you don't know where to acquire the following programs)

    -eac3to <driveletter>: (e.g. eac3to d: )
    -Pick the playlist file of the movie you want. (e.g. 00007.mpls)
    -Open mpls file from step 2 with TSMuxer. Yes, the playlist file. 00007.mpls
    -Deselect streams you don't want
    -Output to a blu-ray folder structure
    -Use my makeISO batch file (see folder->ISO guide in my signature) to make a new ISO
    -Mount ISO in VCD or Daemon Tools or burn it to disc