Robocop corrupt playlists?

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    Robocop Unrated Director's Cut (USA)
    UPC: 8 83904 30689 4

    AnyDVD Beta
    CloneBD Beta (began on release, switched to beta with no change in behavior)

    CloneBD picks Title 504 which is only 01:18:41 vs 01:43:16 for Titles 851 and 850 and encounters decoder errors when trying to rip that title. Seems pretty clear 504 is a decoy/fake/whatever but I'm at a loss on the best way to proceed from there.

    1) Should AnyDVD be doing something more on this disc to prevent the playlist issues? (Log file attached)
    2) Should I instead be chasing CloneBD? (Title 504/851/850 logs attached) I'm confused about how much of the proper playlist processing resides with AnyDVD and how much with CloneBD - an earlier issue I had with another disc was resolved by switching to CloneBD vs my old transcoder, but that disc showed a playlist recommended by AnyDVD and this one does not. (I didn't actually rip it, but the old transcoder picked a Title/Playlist which was also 01:43:16 in length although I've not figured out how to get it to tell me which playlist it uses.)
    3) Is this just a fact of life and I need to manually discover the correct Title/Playlist? If so, how do I know which of 851/850 I should pick (I've ripped both and casual inspection doesn't reveal any obvious differences)?

    Sorry for all the n00b questions in one place, I'm trying to learn how to "properly" debug these issues, so thanks in advance!

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    CloneBD can only guess, which title is the actual correct main movie.
    It gets it right 99.99% of the time.

    I can't tell you why it chose the wrong one in this case, but I can assure you 100% that 504 is not a decoy or anything fishy.
    It's merely an authoring remainder and represents the greater part of the main title.
    Those errors you got were just the Intel acceleration acting up, which it sometimes does.

    So... in this case - 800 or 850 (are identical) should be the right ones for you.
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    Gotcha, thanks a bunch! I've seen more Intel acceleration errors like this since the posting, so what you say makes total sense. (Still faster than non-accel so I put up with it :))

    How do the licensed players "know" which list to pick? I've had another disc with two very similar playlists and ended up popping it in a physical home player to see the duration of the one it picked and ripping that one, but that all seems kludgey ;)