Robin hood (2018) audio lag

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    Hi All,

    I am experiencing audio lag throughout this movie. Robinhood (2018).

    What is audio lag?
    When the movie first starts the audio and video is in perfect sync. When a person speaks it matches perfectly. Further into the movie the audio slowly starts to lag the video. Around the 11 minute mark of the movie, the audio is roughly 2-3 seconds behind the video. This goes for the character dialogue (people speaking) and sound effects (like cars crashing etc).

    I used ANY dvd 8.3.4 and CloneBD 1.2.4
    I used CloneBD to rip to an MP4 Container file. I used both audio options: AAC and Dolby AC3 at the highest bitrates and it yielded the same audio lag.

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you

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    Wrong section, moved. AnyDVD cannot cause sync problems. Moved to clonebd section so @Pete can take a look.

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