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  1. Has anyone any thoughts or suggestions as to how I can record short videos played that are sub-set of a web-site page -- i.e. U-Tube clip and so forth? :confused:

    Many thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Do a Google search...there are several programs that will capture U-Tube content.
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    Getting and Playing Internet Videos


    1. The free "Orbit Media Downloader" ( ) can grab Internet videos.

    2. Since "YouTube" and other Internet pages use the compressing .FLV format to store videos (currently a format that can be read by only a few player programs and by no hardware player known to me), you will need an .FLV-compatible player. Two free programs that play .FLV files are "VLC" ( ) and "TheKMPlayer" ( , new version: ). The latter one has great capture- and record options. ATTENTION: It will not work without the "Korean.ini" file in the "Language" folder, even if you have selected another language (such as English or German) for the interface. Other unnecessary language files can be deleted.

    3. The free converter "SUPER(C)" ( , newest version: ) can convert .FLV to other formats (.AVI, .MPEG, etc.). By converting a video to an audio format (e.g. .MP3), it can also extract the soundtrack of a video (useful to convert music video clips to .MP3 files). But the conversion of videos often means loss of quality, and converted videos are often larger than the compressed .FLV originals, so if you want to build a real video collection, it seems better to leave the videos in the .FLV format to save space.

    Many greetings, :)

    A Pal
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  5. Thank you for the wealth of information and help. During my explorations and searches I've downloaded a whole bunch of demo and free programs including the ones you have suggested. That Korean one is some package indeed.

    The only program that has been able to consistently capture the video -- no matter what site -- has been ZD Soft Video Recorder. Amazing in that respect but... I am unable to capture the audio for some reason??? The is no txt-formatted manual file nor anything else to offer a solution. My audio is set correctly according to the site. I use Bose USB-2 speakers, which could be a problem I suppose, but I doubt it.

    If you are acquainted with this software I would appreciate some thoughts. If not I think it might prove quite interesting -- You actively crop that area of the screen you want to capture and away you go. AVI file output -- but without audio what's the use?

    Thanks for any information forthcoming from any source.
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    It looks like it captures the screen. I find that is a waste of time really. You're better off with programs like Orbit or a site like My browser and my ad blocking program both have file sniffing out features.

    Maxthon and Ad Muncher
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    Windows media player 11 can also read flv files.

    You can also get the .flv files from the cache of your web browser (temporary files for ie, cache for gecko-based (ie ffox, seamonkey...) or opera)
  8. I have searched for the Opera cache file corresponding to the QT video played -- Can't find anything in any of the User...Opera/...cache(n)/... folder(s)? The video is played in a pop-up window with an unknown download link -- right click, save target as, etc. are of no avail. The ZD program mentioned above will copy the video without sound. Orbit won't even respond to the pop-up contents??? YouTube is no longer a problem. The pop-ups are launched in the following manner "javascript:launchit(357, '{70B083DB-D78C-433A-85DC-C7BC861F02F0}', 'no', false,880,676,28871)" Any more suggestions???