Ripping UHD 4k Oceans 8 issue - Cannot process the request at this moment. Please try again later

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (UHD only)' started by jabberwockie, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. jabberwockie

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    I've been able to rip most other 4k discs with my Asus drive but Oceans 8 is returning Cannot process the request at this moment. Please try again later...

  2. testiles

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  3. gumby1974

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    Same exact problem, I thought it was the disc I was using until I read the forum sticky note. How can we tell what movies are currently experiencing ripping problems?
    Is this particular one resolved yet?

    Note I tried the beta release as well and it didn't process it either.
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    How can you tell? Simple, you read the sticky. It tells you how. You'll have to try again over time and see if it'll be supported at that time. That's the only way. There's no public list of supported movies and versions
  5. gumby1974

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    The sticky note basically says try again later, just like the message you get when you try to trip. Not much value add in that sticky message.
    Why can’t we instead have a list of titles that are known to rip successfully? Thst way, the users can consult that list prior to even attempting a rip and not wasting time. Doesn’t that make more sense?
  6. Ch3vr0n

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    For the same reason that has been said already in the past. Every single movie comes in multiple versions (Normal, BD+DVD, BD-DVD-4k, steelbook, deluxe, a combination of that... per region. So if 1 title has 5 different versions per region, and there's 3 official regions (A-B-C) that means that there's 15 different versions that need to manually be added to a list, and that list needs to be constantly maintained. Multiply that by the thousands of movies there are, ... you do the math.

    Such a list will not be created/maintained by redfox staff at least.
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    Why not let the users maintain the list? Similar setups have been done in many cases.
  8. Ch3vr0n

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    Knock yourself out, but it's going to be severely lacking from the start, since neither you (if you plan on doing it) or anyone else knows which titles are currently in the OPD.

    nobody's stopping you but it's going to be a pain to start and maintain.

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    Keeping a list of supported UHD titles was discussed in the following thread. The final consensus, I think, was to just indicate UHD titles that would not decrypt in the thread...

    What Ch3vron says is spot on because I was able to process my copy of Oceans 8 UHD when I got it on the 13th.

    So, if yours still does not decrypt it shows you must have a different version of the movie.

    Mine is the USA version seen here: