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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by killbarney1123, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. killbarney1123

    killbarney1123 Active Member

    I recieved Heroes Season 1 for Christmas, I want to backup each episode to my external HDD, is there a way I can do this so I have 1 file per episode?
  2. KnoWei

    KnoWei Well-Known Member

    Using Context Help


    On the Title Configuration page of CloneDVD Mobile go over to the "?" near the top right of the page.

    Left click on the "?" That should give you a cursor that looks like a question mark.

    Move the question mark cursor over one of the titles (e.g. 01 2:03:41 1-21 of 21 AC3/6 EN,AC3/2 EN) in the right pane and then left click again. I think you'll find your answer in the pop-up help box.

    If not come back - I'll watch this thread.

  3. killbarney1123

    killbarney1123 Active Member

    ok ill try this thanks
  4. killbarney1123

    killbarney1123 Active Member

    didn't work
  5. wenglish

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    The steps KnoWei describes bring up the help (which might answer your question).

    Does CloneDVD Mobile auto-select more than one title on this DVD? If so, each title may correspond to an individual episode. You can sanity-check this by checking how many titles are auto-selected against how many episodes there are on the DVD.

    I haven't tried this on a multi-episode DVD and am a new user of CloneDVD Mobile so I don't know if this is correct.

  6. KnoWei

    KnoWei Well-Known Member

    wenglish is right about the episodes most likely being individual titles. I was just trying to lead killbarney1123 to the fishing hole, so to speak. What the pop-up help box should have shown you is that you can only choose one title from the DVD.

    For the only two TV Series DVDs I've ever backed-up, each episode is a single title. Usually about 45 minutes in length for an hour long network show like Heroes (since there are no commercials). So typically there will be three or four episodes per DVD assuming a dual-layer 9GB original. Each episode is a title. Click the checkbox for one title. That's the episode that will become your avi file assuming you are using the Generic DivX profile.

  7. killbarney1123

    killbarney1123 Active Member

    ok thanks for the help
  8. chipskip

    chipskip New Member

    Question on the same line.

    I have a TV series that I am trying to copy. However, when I run CloneDVDmobile it only sees the "play all episodes" string. I do not have the option of selecting one title at a time. Now if I browse the DVD with "My Computer" I can see each episode individually.

    Any suggestions on how I can grab one episode at a time?
  9. KnoWei

    KnoWei Well-Known Member


    Are you looking at the "Title Configuration" screen of CloneDVD Mobile?

    What tab do you have selected on that screen?

  10. chipskip

    chipskip New Member

    It's the disc... I swaer!

    Thanks for trying to help. I have since been able to to grab individual episodes off other series. So that leads me to believe the problem is with the specific TV series I want to copy and not CloneDVDmobile.

    Remember what Monty Python always says, "No one expected the Spanish Inquisition!"
  11. profcolli

    profcolli Well-Known Member

    This may also be of interest (see my post #2):
  12. KnoWei

    KnoWei Well-Known Member

    Last night I pulled out two DVDs of an old 60's US TV show that I picked up in a grocery store a couple years back. Same show - three different episodes on each disk.

    One disk had each episode as a separate Title file. Each Title file had three chapters: Opening credits, the episode, and closing credits. The other disk had all three episodes as one big Title file. Each episode was a chapter and the opening and ending credits were just part of each episode chapter.

    Chipskip you might have one of those oddly mastered disks where all the episodes are indeed in one big Title file.

    The solution is easy enough if this is your situation. Use the scissors and convert one chapter at a time into a seperate episode output file. Profcolli's link above shows the scissors option in graphic detail although for a slightly different application.