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Discussion in 'High Definition Software' started by Bizarroterl, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. Bizarroterl

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    I'd like to rip my BDs ISOs to a single m2ts file. I'd like to include only the English subtitles and forced subtitles and do the forced subtitles reliably. Video and audio should be selectable. The software should be able to pick out the valid playlist but allow me to select another if needed. Win 10 compatible and the BD ISO will be mounted via VCD.

    Is there a software out there (free or paid) that can do this?
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    Seems you don't understand the whole concept of the various file types. m2ts can only handle video / audio but no playlists.
  3. Bizarroterl

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    Why would I need a playlist if the movie (only) is in one file? The playlist selection is for selecting what playlist in the source to use.
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    :sleep: Don't understand what you are saying....
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    Yeah, it is a little technical.
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    Funny :rolleyes:. You made my day....:D

    Please define your "wish list" in more detail. You talk about a play list but then you say you don't need a play list...
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    If it doesn't have to be m2ts, clonebd can do just that to mkv/mp4

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    I had the same thought but the question was strictly for m2ts. Yes, other containers like mkv and mp4 offer more options.
  9. Bizarroterl

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    I tried clonebd but it output a BD directory structure (BDMV and CERTIFICATE). Undoubtedly pilot error but I don't see where I can specify the output file type.

    I've tried MakeMKV but with it I ended up with a Title list of about 100 playlists (all selected) of which only one that was valid. To find the correct one I had to select each one until it showed the proper one in the info pane. I then had to unselect all of them except the one I wanted. It worked if you ignore the cramp I had clicking my mouse a jillion times. (mkv though, no m2ts)

    ClownBD works pretty well. At times it can be stupid on which playlist it should use and forced subtitles are a hit or miss, mostly miss. Now, under Win 10 it doesn't recognize that java is installed and doesn't finish extracting.

    Blu-Ray Ripper - It cannot find the indev.bdmv even though it is there, so I can't get it to work at all.

    ToNMT works well, but it too can be stupid as what playlist is the correct one. I've never been able to get it to do forced subtitles. It also doesn't seem to be able to handle all channels in TrueHD 7.1 audio and converts it to lossy AC3.
  10. Bizarroterl

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    I prefer m2ts, but I would be open to another container if I could get the end results - original video uncompressed, forced subtitles, subtitles in English (only), and uncompressed/changed audio. If the software is 100% accurate in picking the correct playlist to use for ripping then I wouldn't need the ability to select a playlist to rip. Otherwise I need that ability too.
  11. Ch3vr0n

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    M2ts isn't meant to be played back in file mode what you'd like to do, it's in the specifications. Clonebd can do what you want it to do, all of it (except m2ts file output). Usually it picks the right playlists for conversion, for complex protections it uses anydvd's 'disc.inf' file to determine the right one (and on top of that, it hides the fake ones too!).

    In the rare event that anydvd doesn't yet handle the disc protections correctly (resulting in a faulty conversion), it's ANYDVD'S opd that needs an update, not CloneBD

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    You asked for help on AVS Forum but you never came back. No one has ever had a problem finding the index.bdmv if they were actually pointing to the root of a Blu-Ray disc. Blu-Ray Ripper looks for it at BDMV\index.bdmv

    Blu-Ray Ripper will do everything you are asking for. What it can't do is decrypt, which is why AnyDVD-HD is the greatest product ever for decrypting and showing the correct playlist for obfuscated disc's.