Ripping protected UHDs - one HAS to use AnyDVD?

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  1. tfboy

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    I have a similar question to what was asked here:

    But something doesn't make sense to me.

    If I have a protected UHD that AnyDVD cannot decrypt, should there be any difference in asking AnyDVD to create an ISO image having the "keep protection" box ticked and having AnyDVD disabled and dumping an ISO with another app like ImgBurn ?

    I thought the end result should be identical. But it looks like it's not.

    The reason I ask is because I had rented Parasite UK and at the time, it wasn't available for decryption. I made a rip of the disc into an ISO using ImgBurn. At the same time, I obtained the OPD from the ziplog taken from the original disc and posted in the unsupported thread. I didn't think to check if they would be the same or not, I had assumed they would be identical.

    Fast forward to today and I see Parasite is now supported. Great! I go to mount my protected ISO image yet AnyDVD cannot decrypt it. Curious, I go to check and create a new log to extract the OPD key and it's different to the one obtained from the disc.

    Is this normal?

    If so, I can only conclude that making an ISO rip with ImgBurn is NOT the same as making an ISO rip with AnyDVD with keep protection enabled.
  2. James

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    Oh, yes!

    AnyDVD will remove a part of the protection (bus encryption) while ImgBurn won't.
    Images created with ImgBurn are useless.
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  3. SamuriHL

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    And for UHD, you must have a UHD Friendly drive that's supported by AnyDVD in order to make the protected image.
  4. tfboy

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    Thank you @James - that's an essential detail that's not actually clear at all!
    Both this post and this post suggest it's just a straight copy and doesn't mention the bus encryption which is why I was confused!
  5. SamuriHL

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    Bus encryption is a bit different than the context you've linked to. Bus encryption is what the drive itself applies when an attempt to read a protected part of the disc (i.e. AACS encrypted data) is made. The drive is adding the bus encryption on the fly. As such, the decryption key has to be captured when the data is read, else the bus encrypted data is completely useless. AnyDVD is able to decrypt the bus encrypted data on a UHD Friendly drive.
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