Ripping more than 1 DVD at a time?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by dbminter, May 18, 2019.

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    I've read in other posts that it's possible to use AnyDVD in multiple instances to rip DVD's from more than 1 optical drive at a time. I've not tried this out myself, but if it's possible, I was wondering something.

    With some boxed sets, like in particular TV seasons, discs can have the same internal disc label on all the discs in the set. If you had such a set and tried to rip more than 1 of these discs at the same time, it probably wouldn't be possible, right? Since AnyDVD saves the DVD output to a folder (File extract) or an ISO with the disc label name, the multiple instances of AnyDVD would be trying to save to the same file/folder, which would be fatal for the desired outputs.

    Anyway, that's my guess, but is it correct? :) Thanks!
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    Actually you specify where to save the folder or iso so you are able to do more than 1. I have done 3 at a time and put hem in separate folders. you have to select rip video to disk or rip to image for each drive your using.
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    Hi dbminter.

    Like Marty said, if ripping to folder you can specify where you want to put the folder, so you can direct each title's folder to a different library, if you need to.

    But if ripping to .iso, it's even easier because you can name the .iso anything you like.

    EDIT: Just realized this is under the DVD section....

    For DVDs, it's recommended to use the rip to folder function.

    So you'd have to just rip the individual disc folders with the same name to different Destination Directories (then rename them and move them to one directory after if you want).

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    Yep. Or using elby CloneDVD 2 for folder or iso. And for multiple DVDs in parallel, use multiple CloneDVD instances.
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    Never thought about (or knew you could) run parallel CloneDVD's.

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    It actually never occurred to me to just change the target folder output field for each instance. I don't change the target folder at all because I rip one at a time and I don't have to worry about changing it.