Ripping HD DVD to DVD Dual Layer

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by europeman, Feb 16, 2007.

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  2. DetroitBaseball

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    I believe it is, although it makes no sense.
  3. colinhunt

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    You mean recompressing the movie so much that it fits on a dual-layer DVD? Yeah, certainly it can be done, but it's bloody pointless - you'll just end up destroying the image quality.
  4. DetroitBaseball

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    The whole point HD-DVD is to have superior image quality, by compressing it that much you just defeat the purpose.
  5. d.chatten

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    The only thing i will be using AnyDVD HD for is to rip and watch HD-DVDs on my HDTV and my HDCP none compliant graphics card untill the price if media comes down.
  6. RedFox

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    I'm still having a hard time with the HD situation....specifically with justifying getting into it yet. For many years, we were thrilled with VHS quality....then DVD's were a quantum leap forward in quality and digital storage capability.

    It was hard to argue with being able to make a backup of your DVD...even if there was some compression to a standard still looked hella better than any live tv or old VHS tape.

    Now comes HD....and not getting into the BR vs. HD format wars (except to say that I am Anti-Sony in general) this point in time, there does not seem to be a practical way of making a backup and keeping the quality.

    I guess I still am not convinced that there is that much of an improvement to go through all the hardware $$$, and the higher price of HD titles (with pretty limited catalogs) to bother with it yet.

    There is not the HUGE difference between HD and DVD that there was between VHS and DVD. I have checked out the stores playing HD titles, and obviously, they look better...but it's not a HUGE improvement IMHO. There's not even enough playing HD on my Direct TV to bother taking that step yet. Eventually IF it catches on, prices will come down....but I'm still not convinced. I am one of those who bought both a Betamax and VHS, as well as a Laser Disc Player....good dust collectors.
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  7. jhkilroy

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    I can think of why....

    You could feasibly split the HD movie onto two dvd dl's thats why.

    OR if you really hardcore split the movie in 4's onto dvd-r's.

    PLUS you only would need the HD reader not the writer.
  8. Eyedoctor2

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    I haven't been able to find software that will split an HD-DVD disc available anywhere.

    Hopefully slysoft is working on this as well.

    So far I think all you can do is demux and reencode in a dvd playable software.

    But it is early in the game.....
  9. Jodean

    Jodean New Member

    any new word on this?? i think most hd dvd's will fit on dl if menus and extras are taken out.

    Is there something like dvd shrink hd that would let you take out the menus and extras?? even something to this and keep on hdd would be ok...

    whats all out there.....seems to be secret or something....

  10. knobber

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    no its just that this stuff is still very new, dvd-shrink came along very late into dvd's life. the authors of these types of programs have to figure out the spec of blurays as there isnt any book out there to read, unless you want to pay shed loads of cash to bluray for the specs...

    what you want to do is possible with about 3-4 separate programs, but the learning curve is much steeper than using dvdshrink and pressing a button....
  11. hddvdsupporter

    hddvdsupporter Well-Known Member

    at the moment it does not work without reencoding the whole movie, i think we have to wait for a new version of evodemux with hd-dvd output option.
    but i dont think that anybody is working on this at the moment.. :bang:
    i want to backup my 100 hd dvd movies..
  12. Troy Janssen

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    Theres an australian mag called pc user that has a program that shrinks blu ray and hd dvd to fit on either d/l or on single layer dvd disc, obviously picture quality is reduced to either pal or ntsc frame sizes or you can burn it as a data cd at 720*576 frame size which is still better than standard dvd but can only be played on pc or note book of course you can not do this unless you have anydvd hd and its very slow.
  13. tteich

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    That doesn't make any sense (downrez to PAL or NTSC). Technically it should be feasible to split EVOBs to fit on 2 DVD-DLs.
  14. hddvdsupporter

    hddvdsupporter Well-Known Member

    you're right, some blu-ray movies fit also on two dvd-dl (or on 3 dvd-r!!!)
    so it should be possible to do the same with hd-dvd movies..
  15. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    But 720*576 is standard PAL DVD frame size, so all you're doing is making it into a Standard Def file
  16. DukeOfUrl

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    To back-up 102 movies is an awful lot of work! IMO it only makes sense to backup if you have a movie you watch over & over & over again or otherwise is subjected to kids' maltreatment. But if you still want to do it, the best approach in my view is to employ a "media player" strategy i.e. rip to a hard drive and play from there using a PC or networked media player, and leave the original HD-DVD in its box.

    I'm happy for example converting to 720p Xvid w/AC3, where all movies to-date fit on a DVD-5 (for saving off-line, heck it's what $0.30 these days). Have only done one or two 1080p but these fit on a DL disc.
  17. profcolli

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    I have DivX 6 Pro with converter but it doesn't support .EVO files.
    Which XviD tool does that (1080p on DL)?
  18. roog

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    You can use filesplitter. It's free and it's easy to use. The only problem is that you can only use it to backup movies, not play them.
  19. DukeOfUrl

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    For EVO files, you have to build a graph and then an Avisynth file. Then I open w/VDubMod and Save As avi using Xvid's HDTV profile and single pass 2.00 quality. :)