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  1. bolivershagnasty

    bolivershagnasty Active Member

    AnyDVD works perfectly for allowing backup of both Blu-ray and HD DVDs. Does it allow one to make a copy of a downloaded DVD that is already stored on a harddrive, but has a 1-n day timeout?
  2. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    AnyDVD has handled FluxDVD protection since v6.0.4.5. is one of the sites that [still, to my knowledge] makes use of this copy protection. I can only assume you would have to have burned this downloaded movie to a DVD disc or mounted an image of it in order for AnyDVD to remove the protection, however, since AnyDVD won't work on DVD files sitting on your HDD. I'm not aware of other protection schemes for downloadable movies but there likely are some. FluxDVD is the one I've read about and was backed by Hollywood.

    That said, it's not recommended to download such movies since the quality is not nearly what it would be from a retail DVD release along with the constraints placed upon it. While AnyDVD does handle the protection and has been updated numerous times I don't know if Slysoft would consider it a priority when compared to protections such as Arccos, Puppetlock, Ripguard, ProtectX, etc as found on commercial DVDs. James, himself, has advised purchasing a physical disc which can always be backed up. :D Refer here for that posting.
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  3. bolivershagnasty

    bolivershagnasty Active Member

    Very good point on dowloaded movies

    Since the point of HD is picture quality, not getting it in a download negates any reason to make a copy of a downloaded movie.

    Until we have the end of "little round spinning things" and have sufficient bandwidth to download a 40GB file, we will be stuck with physical media.
  4. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    I honestly hope the "end of little round spinning things" doesn't come anytime soon. I mean that in the general sense. I want physical possession and ownership of any media I purchase so I can view it as I see fit.

    Downloadable media plays right into the hands of Big Brother. They can make use of DRM and restrict our access and if they don't need to produce any physical media they save money on production plus not needing a factory to produce those discs in. Instead, if they actually allow us to make physical copies of what we download, the manufacturing costs get passed along to us. More profit for them. More cost and less value for us.

    I do not wish a world with on-demand viewing of movies because that means we don't own them. I foresee a future where we are only allowed to rent anything entertainment related be it music, videos or movies and as such the Big Brother will restrict our freedoms as to how we decide to view such content. And, even more disgusting, we'll likely have to pay repeatedly or on a subscription basis in order to watch the same movie more than once.

    I say, "No thank you" to the unpleasant future that I imagine and if and when that day arrives... well... I'll just read books and and watch my DVDs which will be considered archaic relics.
  5. rrose1968

    rrose1968 Well-Known Member

    ehhh....someone would find away around it.

    I did a test download of Cinemanow last week and watched it...I wasn't impressed with the quailty. However I just watched it on my 19" monitor, which is digital and the movie may not have been (most likely not) HD. Technology will get there someday. The more Big Brother tries to control, the more folks that will work on not letting them have it. I'd bet $$ on that.
  6. linx05

    linx05 Well-Known Member

    I heard the quality is pretty crap. Just buy the DVD and you get a nice pretty case to go with it plus many more good things.