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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by blacklash, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. blacklash

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    So after going through the forum, there were only a few threads that asked the question whether AnyDVD can decrypt BDs in the background for ripping when not connected to the internet. I think the short answer is no, for newer discs anyways.

    It also stated that one option would be to have it connect to OPD just once where the .dt1 file will be created in the cache folder and it can be used for offline use. Does this .dt1 file work for only that one disc that asked OPD for the decryption info, or will that file also work for all BDs prior to that .dt1 file creation? In that is the case, reconnecting once every few months would update that .dt1 file.

    Advice on this would be appreciated. I don't know too much about the technicalities of ripping in general.
  2. Pete

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    It's fairly simple, though not without complexity. There are three relevant protections:
    • AACS
    • BD+
    • Screen Pass
    All three will need to contact the OPD, if the respective disc is not known so far to the version of AnyDVD, that you have installed.
    Every version of AnyDVD brings along all requirements to deal with all discs offline that were known at the time of release.
    Exception: BD+, because the complete database requires a few hundred megabytes, which is overkill for all those who have two or three BD+ discs in their shelves. So for BD+ discs, AnyDVD always contacts OPD per disc and then caches the result locally.
    Note, though, that at least currently (for quite a while now), there are no new BD+ discs showing up. That protection is presently not in use.
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  3. blacklash

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    Thanks for replying. So for example, if I install the last version of AnyDVD (, it can decrypt BDs offline that were released prior to that version without having to connect to OPD? This is only true if it is anything but BD+ protection, is that what you're saying? To be reasonably fair, lets say the BDs I wanted to rip were 2 months before the newest version came out. So in theory, it can crack them without having to contact OPD?
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    That's exactly what he's saying. Provided there's no BD+ on the disc (or a new unsupported AACS version), anydvd can decrypt any disc offline that was released prior to the release of the anydvd build.
  5. Pete

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    More precisely: BDs that were inserted by any user of AnyDVD prior to the release date.
    AnyDVD must have previously seen those discs. The release date of the disc not relevant.
    You can trust that at least somewhat popular discs always are in the DB right away and make it into the release.