Ripping and Playing DVD's from Media PC Quality Question


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Feb 21, 2007
I would like to Rip my entire DVD collection to a media PC. I would also like to use that media pc for playback to a Panasonic HD Plasma TV. I would be conncting the Display and the PC via Component Cables.
I want to ensure that the playback quality of my movies, once "Backed Up" is the same as if I were actually watching the DVD in my DVD player hooked up via component cables.
Also, what is the best method of playback givene this scenario? Do I need special playback software or codecs in order watch these movies back on my plasma at original video and audio quality?
I know that Nvidia sells their PureVideo DVD Decoder software and I would be buying an Nvidia card to handle the video but I don't know if there are other DVD decoders out there that so the same if not better job for less money (or free).
I have used DVDShrink in the past but this product appears to be much more powerful and flexible...Is this actually the case?
If I wanted to burn a DL DVD to a single layer disc will the quality be the same as DVDShrink?

Sorry for all the questions in one thread.
I'm not the best person to be answering all of your questions because I don't use a HTPC. That said you would rip using Clonedvd2 with Anydvd on your toolbar. You just select "dvd files" as the output method instead of "dvd writer". Ensure the quality bar in Clonedvd2 is set to "dvd+/-r Dl" so that there won't be any compression--and I hope you have lots of hard drive space.

You will require dvd player software of some sort. There are some freeware versions, but I guess most people here prefer Powerdvd Ultra, especially since the release of Anydvd HD. That said, I've always preferred the picture quality of Windvd for regular dvd movies (not HD-DVD); I find Windvd's picture to be less grainy on my 17" widescreen laptop (but that's just me) when I travel. Powerdvd came bundled with my laptop, but I bought Windvd anyway (that pretty much explains the extent that I don't like Powerdvd for regular dvd viewing; but many would argue against me and say I'm nuts). Powerdvd Ultra is certainly better currently than Windvd's HD-DVD playback solution. Both of these programs are commercial products.I believe both companies offer free trials, so you might want to take advantage of that.

f I wanted to burn a DL DVD to a single layer disc will the quality be the same as DVDShrink?

If you select advanced analysis in Shrink, you will get better picture quality than using Clonedvd2--but the tradeoff is that Shrink will also take a much longer time to transcode than Clonedvd2. Also, Clonedvd2 is more compatible with Anydvd (in terms of handling crazy disc structures produced by newer Sony releases). You can rip with Clonedvd without any compression and import that rip into Shrink, if you prefer.
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