RipGuard - new version?

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  1. Rodster

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    Hi all

    I believe I heard that Macrovision are working or have trialled an enhanced version of RipGuard (I call it Rest In Peace Guard) and or sony have released new copy protections as well.

  2. ivanX

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    Sleep tight Down Under, because we all know that as soon as Slysoft will get their foxy paws :D on IFOs from those discs that protection will be history :agree:
  3. mike20021969

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    copy protection (inc. RipGuard) will always be updated to try to stop people ripping dvd's.
    when an updated version comes along i'm confident slysoft will deal with it.
    macrovision even admit on their website that "no encryption method is 100 percent foolproof".

    read about their protections for dvd's on their website and it all sounds very impressive if you live in cloud cuckoo land.but in reality it means absolutely nothing.
    anyone trying to copy a dvd or vhs tape (using a dvd/vhs player to vhs/dvd recorder) might get hacked off due to fluctuating picture quality caused by the protection.
    but a large majority of people now have a pc or access to one (via a friend maybe) and can easily obtain a stabiliser off the internet.
    and if you wanna copy dvd's with a pc,a quick google for info on dvd copying soon leads you in the direction of
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  4. sheep

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    According to the anydvd changelog a new version of ripguard is already supported. :D You can be sure slysoft is always on top of the things.
    Didn't here about the sony thing. Any source?:confused: