" retaining original layer break position"..

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    Why can't CLONEDVD be upgraded to provide this feature that's only available in CLONECD? Currently CloneDvD "removes it"...but, does it relocate it? .... I guess the answer is: " we want you to purchase CLONECD "... ;)
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    Yes, Clonedvd repositions the layer break position around the end of the last chapter on the first layer (provided you're using +R DL media)

    Clonedvd is a transcoder based app; it remasters. So, it can't retain the original layer break position. Neither can Shrink, Recode, etc., or any other transcoder based application.
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    It's not a marketing conspiracy. You can't "upgrade" (as you suggest) a "Transcoder" (keyword) to retain an original layer break because it is designed to do a backup by altering the original, not by duplicating the original. Slysoft provides two different ways to make a backup of your movies. Due to inexperience (not a crime), you chose and are trying to make a program do your backup job in a way that you are envisioning but are wrong to be expecting. By software archetecture, it was never intended to do the job this way and cannot be made to do the job this way. You chose CloneDVD, which is a transcoder, instead of a program that is designed to retain all elements of the original. CloneDVD allows you to remove unwanted elements from your backup. CloneDVD then provides you with a compression method to burn the remaining elements of a DL original to SL media. It also provides a DL method to also allow you to still remove adverts, previews, warning screens, audio and subtitle tracks or extras and still burn your (larger than 4.38GB) movie along with the other elements you may have chosen to retain, to a double layer backup media with out loss of quality due to compression. This question has been asked and answered many times on this and other boards such as cdfreaks. Check it out:




    The entire thread from which, these posts were extracted, can be read by following a link in the upper right corner of each of the above posts.

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    Webslinger: Maybe this post is a sticky candidate(?) Or to be pasted into a sticky because there are getting to be too many common question stickies!!
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    @Whisperer & Webslinger,

    Yes there should probably be a 'sticky' for posts like this. In fact these fall into the category of possible 'improvements' for CloneDVD2 and to avoid a large number of 'sticky' posts should be 'merged' with threads like these;







    I realize as the most posters tend to ignore the 'sticky' posts, in particular when the number grow large. But 'feature requests' are often posted and many are repeats of previously answered posts. In fact on the first post listed James of Slysoft gave a point by point answer to most of the common requests.

    CloneDVD is a great product but it would be even better to get some of these requests implmented.

    Thanks & Best Regards
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    No. It doesn't matter what people suggest. Clonedvd2 is not a 1:1 sector copier by design; so it can't retain
    the original layer break position, neither can Shrink, Recode, etc. Clonecd can.

    And James is well aware of the other suggestions. That said Slysoft is not solely responsible for the development of Clonedvd. Elaborate Bytes is.
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    Whisperer & Webslinger...

    ahhhh, now, I understand. Great explanation, Whisperer, I just needed some addtional information to eliminate doubt and inexperience. This is how we learn. Now I appreciate the value of CLONECD & the usefulness of CLONEDVD. Thanks! :clap:
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    Agreed on the 'retain layer break' specific suggestion. It has been asked and answered before (on other forums). But I do think it matters what people suggest, I would think that Slysoft would welcome suggestions for improving their products. Not all suggestions will be feasible or cost efficent or even make sense but as producer/marketer of a product one would think they would want to know. I may be misinterpeting your reply, if so I apologize in advance.

    All considered still think a common thread to capture all suggestions for improvement is useful.

    I may be wrong but I thought that I saw posts on various threads that Slysoft had bought the rights and source code to allow developement of CloneDVD2. I know that Elby is still selling it.
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    Slysoft does--and the devs do read the suggestions, but Clonedvd2, for one, is an Elaborate Bytes product that through a licensing agreement (I believe) with Slysoft, is also sold on Slysoft's website. So I believe some of these suggestions need to be targeted at Elaborate Bytes as well (or more so). Elaborate Bytes is the official developer of Clonedvd2 as far as I can tell.

    If the Slysoft team or admin believes I should sticky an open suggestion thread, I will. As it is, however, I haven't read a new suggestion here that I haven't otherwise read elsewhere before this forum was in place (with the exception of some of the feature removal requests, which I wholeheartedly disagree with), and as I stated before, James is aware of the existing suggestions; consequently, I don't feel a sticky is necessary. And that is as much as I am willing to discuss on this matter.
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    I find myself in agreement with your response. Perhaps we should get clarification on who is responsible for the present and future developement of CloneDVD2. Both Elby and Slysoft sell the product, I am aware that Elby has been responsible for developement in the past. Just not sure who has the responsibility now.

    edit; Guess that if James (of Slysoft) is the proper contact for both Slysoft/Elby developement of CloneDVD2 the right person is already aware.
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    Evidence suggests to me the responsibility must lie with Elaborate Bytes (the product has its name on it). That said, I'm sure Slysoft helps to develop the program as well.

    If you wish to make suggestions for Clonedvd2, visit http://www.elby.ch/products/clone_dvd/publisher.php
    and select one of the customer service options. But keep in mind if James is aware of the suggestions, then I'm sure Elby is as well.
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