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Responsible for takedown of RipIt4Me and FixVTS.



According to this Doom9 report, it looks like Sony has been responsible for the takedown of RipIt4Me and FixVTS. Going by the documentation available online, Sony filed a copyright lawsuit against Digital Digest on March, followed by a court granting a search warrant 3 days later. The search looked for info on its use, users and development, including the circumvention of Sony's ArccOS DVD corruption mechanism.

Another court order on the 30th of March looked for info on the development of Ripit4Me and for activity info of anyone involved in the development by going through items seized at blutach's residence. A final order from May 3rd has effectively prohibited the Digital Digest admin from providing support for any website involved in helping users to copy DVDs, thus leading to the removal of its DVD backup forums.

It looks like once BD+ gets put into wide use on Blu-ray, it is going to be a tough nut to get around, since not only is the protection designed to be replaceable should it become beaten, each person who manages to circumvent a version is at very high risk of ending up with a lawsuit on their hands.