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[Resolved] US Amazon Prime account using VPN

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Andrew Uborka, Aug 23, 2022.

  1. Andrew Uborka

    Andrew Uborka Member


    I'm located in Australia. I've just set up a US amazon account and have subscribed to prime video on a 1 month trial. Using a VPN, I can watch movies via my browser. In Anystream, I am being redirected from primevideo.com to amazon.com. There is no way to download anything. The green download button at the top of the page is not there. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. Flymo

    Flymo Well-Known Member

    AnyStream doesn't officially support VPNs but I would try selecting the United States from the AnyStream region settings for a start.
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  3. Andrew Uborka

    Andrew Uborka Member

    Thanks, that worked
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  4. DeepSpace

    DeepSpace Well-Known Member

    That is something you always have to do when you want to use a different region.
    Change the region setting and restart AS.
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  5. Tschens Brems

    Tschens Brems Well-Known Member

    Is a VPN needed in addition or is it enough to change the region in AS and restart?
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  6. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    It all depends try the region setting first, most VPNs are not supported, some are and most are not, and AS supports a proxy.
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  7. DeepSpace

    DeepSpace Well-Known Member

    As RF1 said, it might depend on the region. The setting in AS only results in it to load the proper site (like .com instead of .de), but if the provider detects that your IP is from another country, it might block you. Amz does for example. In that case, you need a VPN, but some are not able to get around this stupid restriction. I use Surfshark and it works for both Amz US and Amz jp, although I haven't used it much in the past few month.
    So it might be the best thing to use the free trial at first to see if your provider allows you to PAY for content/prime or not.
    Pay written big because I think that it is stupid that they don't allow me to literally throw money at them for content I like, but is not available in my country for some stupid license reason.
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