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    Hi! I have two copies of the same disc, each with a scratch at different places. Is there any way to rip to a halfway point -> switch to other disc -> continue ripping? Thanks!
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    Well, if they have exactly the same data on it (the same version), then you could copy the first few files and then copy the other files from the other disc.
    Use Windows explorer and copy look at when it stops. Then try to start with that file from the other disc.
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    Hey, thanks for the quick response! I probably should have been more clear...
    * I have two copies of the same BluRay movie (both scratched)
    * I typically use `AnyDVD HD -> Rip to Image` to get an ISO copy.

    Can I just copy the individual files from the BluRay, replacing damaged files from one with the other disc? How would I go about creating the ISO once I had all the individual files? Or have I missed something completely? :) Thanks again!

    (P.S. Even more info:
    Disc 1 fails to read at ~25%, Disc 2 at ~55%.
    Could I:
    * Rip to Image from Disc 2 until ~50%.
    * Pause ripping, switch discs.
    * Continue rip with Disc 1.
    Ejecting the ripping disc (with and without pausing the rip) always seems to fail to continue from where I left off...)
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    No, that won't work. As I said, use Windows Explorer.
    Copy the files from Disc two until it fails (it should go down to abnormal slow speeds), then eject (you most probably have to force-eject it at this point) the disc and insert disc 1. Then continue from the file Disc 2 went slow. Delete or overwrite the partitially copied file.

    Then you try if you can play the movie and if so, you can use various software like ImgBurn to create an iso.
  5. tectpro

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    There is a way to do that, however it needs to be exactly the same disc or it won't work.
    You will need ISOBuster for that process, I am not sure if the free version includes that since I am using the pro version.
    I did that process several times.
    But as mentioned at the beginning it needs to be exact the same disc. ISOBuster will be able to determine if it is the same or not.

    Update it seems the pro version might be needed. Scroll down to feature list on the website below.
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    I completely forgot that it is about BD, not DVD. In that case you won't have any luck with Windows Copy, if the error is right within the large .m2ts file. For that you would need a way to tell it to only copy the first half and then tell it to copy the second half from the second disc.
    I thought about copy /b, but the issue is that it would then still try to copy the problematic first half on the second disc.
    I will have to see if I can find an answer to that, so you will have to try ISObuster as tectpro suggested. But as I've never used it until now, I cannot speak about it. Will take a look in a few hours.
  7. sadiesue

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    Hey, thanks again for the updates! I'm trying @tectpro 's ISOBuster managed images - didn't know those were even a thing (how cool though!). Preliminary tests are positive, and I'll give a full update after fully testing.
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    TL;DR: ISOBuster's Managed Image File allows identical scratched discs to be combined into a single image.

    Thanks again @tectpro for the pointer to ISOBuster, and to @DeepSpace for his quick responses!

    The procedure does not require a license for ISOBuster.
    • Disable AnyDVD
      • Don't want any unknown `help`
      • Right-click AnyDVD tray icon, uncheck `Enable AnyDVD`
    • Start Managed Image File creation
      • Insert first damaged disc
      • Start ISOBuster
      • Right-click BD Drive
      • Click `Create a managed IBP/IBQ image file`
      • Save somewhere safe with lots of free space
    • Wait until damaged areas found
      • I never received any errors, but percent complete stopped increasing
      • This was approximately the same percentage I expected to see failures from previous rip attempts
    • Switch to second disc and continue image creation
      • Click `Cancel` - ignore warning about incomplete managed image file
      • Replace first disc with second disc
      • Open the managed image file (.IBP)
      • Right-click image file
      • Click `Complete the Managed Image File`
      • Choose `Retry the failed reads *and* complete the Managed Image File at the end`
      • Select the drive of the second disc
    • If there are more damaged sections, repeat the previous step with the other (first) disc again
      • Continue repeating until disc fully extracted
      • ISOBuster will close the extraction window on success
    • Use image as normal
      • Remove damaged disc from drive
      • Using Virtual CloneDrive, Right-Click and choose `Mount...`
      • Select the .IBQ file
      • Re-enable AnyDVD
    • Success!
    Long story and validation:
    I have two "identical" retail discs of a BluRay movie. Both are scratched.
    My typical process for archiving discs is AnyDVD Rip to Image (keep copy protection) -> Mount copy protected image -> Rip to Image (removing copy protection) -> Archive both discs.
    Attempting that process, I have found Disc 1 is scratched at ~25% & ~95%, Disc 2 at ~55%.
    I used the above procedure to make a first rip: Disc 1 for 0~25% & 55~95%, Disc 2 for the remainder.
    For the second rip, I validated with: Disc 2 for 0~29% & 89~98%, with Disc 1 for the remainder (turns out a lot more damage on Disc 2 than I thought).
    Assuming overlapping areas are identical, and quite a bit of overlap between the two images, hopefully identical MD5 sums == good copy.
    Unfortunately, MD5s of IBQ file (data) did not match (ignored IBP (tracking) file).
    (Side note: ripping with copy protection of IBQ succeeded for both images, and produced exactly the source IBQ file. Apparently ripping with copy protection is just a direct pull from disc.)
    Digging deeper, I mounted both IBQ filesystems and ran individual MD5 sums on the internal files.
    MD5s were identical between each rip except for the Unit_Key_R0 files.
    So, my discs actually weren't identical, but I was still able to extract a true archival copy of the movie.
  9. @sadiesue: Thank you! I have been looking for such a possibility for many years.
    In my opinion, it should also work with two damaged ISO files of the same blurays, but damaged in different places. You would only need to mount the ISO files with Virtual CloneDrive