[Resolved] Rip Video Blu Ray to Harddisk - Wrong Audio

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    Hi, I'll try to keep this problem brief. The last little while, any newer blu ray movies I have tried to back up won't play the correct audio. I'll get either french, spanish, everything but english.

    This is what I generally do:

    1. Insert Blu Ray Disc
    2. Once Anydvd HD is finished reading I right click on the slysoft icon and select "rip dvd to harddisk"
    3. Sometimes Powerdvd will play the movie just from selecting play movie from folder.

    If that fails, then I will go into the stream folder and select the largest file and then Powerdvd will play it. I also have Nero Showtime HD too. I have the same problem with both programs.

    Neither program will offer me the choice to change the audio language, I am guessing this is due to selecting the movie from a folder rather than playing it from the beginning.

    Please note that I am using older versions of both Power DVD and Nero Showtime. I have been hesitant to upgrade to newer versions.

    Any feedback or alternate suggestions of backing up with trouble free playback would be appreciated.

    Found the answer, please delete post.

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