[Resolved] Paramount+ (via Prime) Star Trek Voyager Season 6 is missing Episode 1

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by pfalcon64, Aug 1, 2022.

  1. pfalcon64

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    Using Anystream Pro 1.4.02 32bit, when I select ST Voyager Season 6, the episode list is missing Episode 1 (6.1 is Equinox part 2).

    Note: Voyager typically has 26 episode seasons. The rest have been coming down fine. I verified that I can see Ep 6.1 on my TV via the normal streaming app.
  2. DeepSpace

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    Voyager is not available for me yet, so I cannot test it myself.
    The only thing that comes into my mind is:
    -is it two episodes as one file? So instead of 45 mins it is 1h30mins. But that is unlikely because you said you can see it in the app.
    -In P+ both episodes are listed as Ep 1 (or have the same number). In that case it is an issue by AS, as it only shows one episode in that case. No information on when this will be fixed.

    In any case, you have to create and upload a logfile, so we or the devs can see what the actual issue is. Open AS and open Voyager. There, select season 6 so you can see the episodes list.
    After that, close that windows and go to file-create logfile.
  3. pfalcon64

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    Thanks, didn't know I could create a log file without there being an actual error.

    To confirm: in Season 6, the list *starts* with Episode 2. Its the only season with this anomaly. I'm using Amazon Prime with the Paramount+ add-on subscription in Australia.

    Will create and upload a log file once the current batch is finished (which will take a while, sorry).
  4. Heracles

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    It's not missing... :love:

    See SE5E25 of Star Trek Voyager - Equinox (Part 1)

    It was a cliff-hanger on Season 5 that continued in Season 6.

    Unless Australia Prime/Paramount is different than U.S.

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  5. Heracles

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    (Also, the count is off on Season 5 (only shows 25 episodes on Prime/Amazon in US) but I think it's because Episode 15, which *says* it's part 1 on Amazon/Paramount actual is a double episode written by two different writers and is Part 1 & Part 2)
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  6. HAMsmoke

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    It's clearly a download option for me.
  7. RedFox 1

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    Yes its missing Part 1 of Episode 1, because when scanning for episodes, we scanned Episode 1, it is not separated between part 1 and part 2. So the scan missed Part 1. But Part 2 of episode 1 is there. I will see if its possible to fix that. It may take some time.
  8. DeepSpace

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    You can create the log at any time, even when a download is running. The only thing that might disturb you is that because of that running download, the list of Season 6 might take longer to show up. Also it will clutter the log with the things currently running. So I will only leave it as a side note.

    So AS cannot determine/ understand that the first thing it can see is episode one?
  9. RedFox 1

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    I am not going to explain to you how we do what we do, I said we would look into it. Enough.
  10. Heracles

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    Somewhat confused, but...

    I think, this is how it stands, based on what I see in U.S. (Is his Australia Amazon/Paramount different?) and there is really no problem getting these files.

    The only thing is that when you download ST Voyager Season 5 Episode 15 from Amazon/Paramount in U.S., you should manually re-label the episode name Dark Frontier only since it has both parts 1 & 2:

    1. Original poster says Part 1 of Equinox of is missing from Season 6 of Voyager, but in U.S. Part 1 is actually the last episode of Season 5 (Episode 25), a season cliffhanger - so nothing is missing here.

    2. Poster mentioned that ST Voyager typically has 26 episodes. I noticed the count was off on Prime/Paramount for Season 5 that it only had 25. In looking at this I noticed that Episode 15 (labeled as Dark Frontier, Part 1 on Amazon/Paramount) actually includes Part 1 & 2 both.

    3. Verification of downloading Season 5 Episode 15, which is labeled simply Dark Frontier on Paramount direct website (no Part #'s), is also 1.32 minutes. I also noticed that the bitrate is nearly twice as much via Amazon/Paramount for this combined episode vs. via Paramount website direct - just a consideration.

    Please excuse if this is in error (for Australia poster via Prime) or not applicable to situation.


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  11. RedFox 1

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    Excellent I really didn't look that deeply into it, thank you
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  12. RedFox 1

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    No, looking at it more closely you are correct.
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  13. pfalcon64

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    In Paramount+ in Australia, Season 5 contains 26 episodes - the *correct* count, and 5x15 and 5x16 correctly came down as separate episodes (titled properly as a part 1 and part 2). The problem is that Episode 1 of season 6 is not in the list. Is it possible that the different episode lists between countries is causing a problem?

    I've attached two logs after loading Season 6 and Season 5 lists

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  14. DeepSpace

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    The log claims to download Episode 1, please check the actual file and tell us what Part you got.
    (did you really have your computer running for 177h?)
    177:54:29.772 - [Debug] [DownloadQueue] quotaAvailable: 100, entry waiting: Equinox, Part 1, reserving token
    The only thing I can imagine is the episode labelling error or something similar, so if both parts have the same number, AS only shows one episode in the list. Cannot remember right now if AS stripped the first or the second episode (if it was the same every time).
  15. pfalcon64

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    I have not downloaded Episode 1 of Season 6 - it does not appear in the list. I have downloaded episodes 6x02 through 6x23 before hitting that "Unable to Decrypt" error a few hours ago. I checked the episodes downloaded, and the titles shown when played match the names/numbers I see in Anystream.

    I've attached screen shots of what I see - the Season 6 list missing Ep1, and the End of the S5 list - showing that it is seeing all 26 episodes correctly

    (this Win7 system has been online for 10days now ;-), its a pretty stable box but not used for much except Anystream right now. I reset it when there is a network problem or some other external reason. )

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  16. RedFox 1

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    So your issue is now resolved ? Thank you for your support.:)
  17. pfalcon64

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    No its not resolved - I still can't see Episode 1 of Season 6 - as per my screen shots in the previous post
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  18. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Have you downloaded S05E25 according to your screenshot? Yes or no. Have you checked the episode length? Yes or no. It's not uncommon for providers to join episodes together but only list the first one instead of properly fixing the name to mention both parts. It would NOT be surprising they did the same thing with E25 like they did with E15&E16, cause if they did you effectively would have gotten an EXTRA episode on season 5 and 1 less in S06.

    So do yourself a favor. Download that title and check the duration. A double episode sould be around 90min long and about twice the file size.
  19. cartman0208

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    But even if the episodes were merged ... and thus the labeling would be completely messed up... how could the OP have watched the single episode S06E01 on TV?
  20. pfalcon64

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    I have checked all of the episodes in Season 5 that Anystream downloaded. They are all single episodes in length (no doubles). Season 5 in Australia has 26 single episodes (see the screen shot I uploaded a few posts back). All of the episodes I just downloaded in Season 6 are also singles. i have been trying to say this for the entire thread - but everyone is chipping in with what they see instead of listening to what I'm seeing. For reference I've attached a screen shot from Explorer showing all of Season 5 and the start of Season 6 as downloaded by Anystream - you can see for yourself!

    Judging from everyone's comments, the problem seems to be that Paramount has packaged the seasons in different bundles on a county by country basis, and perhaps Anystream is tripping over this somehow??

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