(RESOLVED) - AP - "Stream Initialization Failed"

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by SomeRandoDude, May 30, 2021.

  1. SomeRandoDude

    SomeRandoDude Well-Known Member

    Was able to download the first 3 episodes of a series on Amazon Prime this morning, but got this error when attempting to download the 4th. Restarting AS hasn't helped. Log attached.

    I can download the 5th episode, however.

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  2. SomeRandoDude

    SomeRandoDude Well-Known Member

    @Prosphere Confirmed fixed the issue. Thanks for chatting with me yesterday!
  3. Prospere

    Prospere RedFox Development Team

    Any time :)
    Tanks for the update :)
  4. DannyBoi

    DannyBoi Well-Known Member

    whats next then ? :)
  5. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Whatever will be next. As you were told before, redfox doesn't do ETA's or future predictions.

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