Resolution Vs Video Quality

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    I have recently bought a Freecom Mediplayer 35 and intend to convert my DVDs to DivX before storing them on it. However before I start the lengthy process I want to make sure I am backing them up to the best possible quality in a compressed format.

    What I can’t seem to get my head around is which resolution I should use and what the quality bar should be set to, also at certain resolutions the max quality seems very low.


    320 x 180 max video quality is 205 and estimated file size is 2.9GB
    480 x 272 max video quality is 90 and estimated file size is 2.89GB
    640 x 360 max video quality is 51 and estimated file size is 2.89GB
    740 x 404 max video quality is 40 and the estimated file size is 2.86GB
    852 x 480 max video quality is 28 and the estimated file size is 2.82GB

    When I hit the default button it sets video quality to 28?

    Also I did try the 852 x 480 resolution and although the file played on my PC it failed to play from the media player.

    So my questions are

    1. Is DivX my best option
    2. Which resolution and video quality should I be using.

    Many thanks