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    @Pete or @Reto

    A couple days ago one of my old LCD monitors blew out (last fuse i suppose. Heard a "poof" and screen went black, 9+ year old HP monitor) and my CloneDVD2 window was positioned on that desktop. Now whatever i do, i can't seem to move the window back to the working desktop monitor. I tried just about every setting i can find after clicking on that desktop icon next to the spyglass in the bottom left corner next to start menu button. The window isn't moving.

    Probably handled via a registry setting but i don't know what to look for. It'll take at least another week for my replacement monitor to arrive and i can't live without CDVD for that long ^^.

    Any help?
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    Solved. The one with 20 votes didn't work, but the one with 368 did :D
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