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    I'm not sure if it is DRM/trial limitations or not, but while using the trial version of CloneBD I've been asked for larger and larger destination folders. If it is DRM I'd suggest making it more obvious since it could be taken as an issue with the program. Currently it is asking me for 313GB of free space for something needing at the most 40.
    The two earlier discs also required a lot more free space than expected, but not over 230GB, which is what I have free.

    What I'm trying to rip is an blu ray ISO located on my NAS (backed up with anydvdHD). Output is .mkv with copy of original audio and video (lossless). I've deselected everything but the main episodes. It doesn't change anything if I chose the iso-file directly in CloneBD or mount in system and access it that way.
    The earlier discs I've copied using the same settings have come out as expected of a blu ray (size-wise).

    A restart of the system did unfortunately not solve the problem, although ripping it to a folder on the NAS does (since I have a few TB free there it is kind of a side step of the problem).
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    No idea what it is, but it isn't a trial limitation.
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    Good to know! People can be creative when it comes to things like that.
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    Can you please post a CloneBD log file?
    Start a conversion of such a disc, abort, then save log file and post it here.
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    Here it is.

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    It's been a while, so I'm not sure, you're still on this.

    We could not find any possible cause for this and based on the data from your log file, CloneBD "should" pick the correct size.
    Are you still having that problem and if so, does it help to clear the cache? (CloneBD -> Settings -> "clear cache").
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    I tested again, unfortunately clearing the cache didn't work and it still estimates a 313.06 GB size. I assume it must be something in my personal set-up that spooks the program - but I can't really see what.
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    After some further contact with Pete it turns out that it was a the clip looping in the background of the menu that was the issue. I had selected all clips available on the disc to convert to MKV and that one didn't play nice with the estimations due to the discs instructions to loop it 998 times (makes quite a big file out of a small one).

    Thanks for the help!
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