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    I think we need a sticky with a step-by-step troubleshooting guide on what to do if a title doesn't play, to save having to re-iterate the above.

    For example, the above workaround for Universal titles may not be well known and may not always work. There may be other options that work better for some studio titles. One place for the collective wisdom of playback with AnyDVD HD would be useful IMO.

    The "remove first play" option may not always work, especially if the studios get crafty and insert an important menu step in the first play (I think I have already experienced something like that). I think this should be unticked by default but an explanation provided as to its use.

    I think all the other option boxes should be better explained and the consumer encouraged to enable each option one by one, to see if it helps playback, if there are issues (but with reference to specific preferred options for particular studios).
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    Feel free to create one, and I'll consider making it a sticky.

    Please do not post in other people's troubleshooting threads unless you wish to assist them. I consider this post to be tantamount to thread hi-jacking, especially when I'm trying to troubleshoot or help someone.
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